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Your post-Lakeland career starts before you set foot on campus.

Business Week 2013

Career-focused freshmen upload résumés, and we help grow that résumé with internships and other pre-professional activities.

We work closely with some of the area’s most renowned corporations such as Kohler Co., Bemis, Sargento and Johnsonville, among others, to secure critically important internships. Of course, internships are a great path to fulltime careers.

“We are well-connected with employers, and we have excellent relationships with successful alumni who are now in position to hire,” says Jess Lambrecht, director of career development. “We connect them with our current students.”

Here at Lakeland, we have full-time career development professionals who are well-trained and focused on helping you find meaningful internships and, upon graduation, fulltime careers in your field of study.

A significant benefit of a Lakeland education is that our relationship with you will be personal and ongoing. The services our office provide include:

  • On-going career counseling, to help you determine what types of careers interest you most
  • Help with accessing and benefiting from various employment databases
  • Personality profiling through the industry standard Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment
  • Assistance with setting up job shadowing opportunities
  • More than 40 career enhancement sessions per year
  • Multiple classroom visits by area workforce leaders
  • Facilitating mock interviews with potential employers
  • Setting up tours of area companies
  • Professional etiquette luncheons/seminars
  • Preparation for graduate school entrance exams
  • Multiple career-related colloquiums
  • Helping set up and improve a professional LinkedIn profile
  • Personalized reviews of job application materials


Prospective Students

To make the best transition from college to a career, start planning early. A visit to the Career Development Office as a freshman is a useful first step. If you start college with career possibilities in mind, we can set up informational interviews with practitioners in your areas of interest. As a result, you can make the best class selection decisions throughout your years at Lakeland College.

Please contact us or stop by and make an appointment with our staff!

The following calendar of career planning activities and career development resources serves as a guide for you:

Freshman Year

  • Sample a variety of courses
  • Get involved in campus organizations/activities
  • Attend the annual majors market and learn about a variety of academic programs
  • Complete career and personality assessments
  • Attend Career Choices: Foundations class
  • Consider working on campus
  • Register with our online career management program — Career Connect

Sophomore Year

  • Declare major(s)
  • Develop résumé
  • Research internship opportunities
  • Consider relevant work experience through on-campus employment, a part-time job or summer employment
  • Sharpen computer skills
  • Utilize our Career Connect mentor program to network with professionals and alumni

Junior Year

  • Participate in an internship program
  • Assume leadership roles in campus organizations
  • Research graduate schools and programs and begin taking standardized tests
  • Network with faculty members, employers, career development staff, family members and friends
  • Attend Career Choices: Strategies class
  • Update professional materials — cover letter, résumé and references

Senior Year

  • Internship or relevant work experience
  • Participate in interviews or mock interviews
  • Customize your résumé
  • Research companies and organizations
  • Attend our job fair and etiquette dinner
  • Complete graduate school materials
  • Sign up for résumé referral services

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For Employers

Employers & Alumni

The Career Development Office can assist your company in finding Lakeland students to meet your needs. We are interested in partnering, so that students can find internships, part-time jobs, professional experiences, and full-time employment. Below is a brief listing of the services we have to to offer with employers in mind!

Connecting with Students

We offer about 15 different events each semester for students to participate in — for many of the events, we need the support of employers/alumni to share real life work experiences. Contact Career Development for a detailed listing of our upcoming events!


If you are interested in hosting/supervising a student as an intern, please contact our office directly, as we would be happy to assist you in the hiring process.

Posting Jobs

We share a job board with the 23 other private colleges in Wisconsin. You can post for FREE to all schools at Then, we will receive notice and share it with our students as well.

If you would rather ONLY post to Lakeland students, visit Career Connect to create a profile and post any positions.


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Snapshot of Success

Name: Charlotte Haass

Hometown: De Pere, Wis.

Title: Lab technician

Business: Heresite Protective Coatings

After Charlotte received her full-time job offer from Heresite, one of the first things she did was head over to Lakeland’s Career Development office for an impromptu celebration.

“I did a little happy dance,” she says with a laugh. “Everyone there was so thrilled for me.”

Charlotte, who earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, took full advantage of Lakeland’s Career Development office and its savvy staff. She says she would not have been nearly as prepared for a competitive job search without the help she received from Lakeland’s experts.

“The staff is so helpful, so knowledgeable and so willing to work with everyone,” Charlotte says. “They really understand their area of expertise, and they have so many contacts.”

Before she arrived on campus, Charlotte submitted a résumé and marveled at how much the staff helped her shape it.

“It was pretty sparse when I got to Lakeland, but it was fantastic seeing how my résumé could grow so much in just four years,” she says.

Charlotte also lauded the Career Development classes, job fairs, training seminars and etiquette training for how to dress for a job interview and how to act during a meal-based interview. She says she got tremendous value from the four mock interviews she did over the years with local companies. Those are often videotaped so students can watch them later with Career Development staff members.

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Kelly-Swart"I think Lakeland's Career Development Office is great. The people there really work hard to meet your needs, and they provide great personal attention. When you ask them for help, their response is immediate, whether via email or in person at their office." — Kelly Swart, sophomore, accounting

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