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Psychology is a very broad discipline that employs the methods of scientific inquiry as it observes, describes and explores the brain’s role in emotion, thought and behavior. Students in the psychology program are called upon to think critically and creatively as they examine how organisms adapt to their surroundings through biological, social, emotional, perceptual and cognitive capacities.

Psychology at Lakeland College

Students learn to become clear communicators, attentive listeners and dynamic and sensitive problem solvers.

An undergraduate degree in psychology will prepare students for careers in human services as well as for graduate school programs in psychology, counseling, social work or law.


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REQUIRED COURSEWORK (40 semester hours)

All courses listed are 3 semester hours unless otherwise indicated.

  • MAT 220 Probability and Statistics
  • PSY 200 General Psychology
  • PSY 362 Cognition and Learning (Writing Intensive)
  • PSY 411 Physiological Psychology
  • PSY 463 History and Systems of Psychology (Writing Intensive)
  • SOCP 335 Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences (4 semester hours)

2 additional courses from the following:

  • EDUP 330 Human Growth and Development*
  • PSY 321 Personality
  • PSY 372 Abnormal Psychology
  • SOCP 220 Social Psychology

5 additional psychology (PSY) courses from listing below or list immediately above:

  • PSY 305 Health Psychology
  • PSY 381 Counseling: Methods and Ethics
  • PSY 400 Internship in Psychology*
  • PSY 405 Psychopathology of Childhood
  • PSY 410 Group Therapy
  • PSY 480 Special Topics in Psychology
  • PSY 490 Independent Study
  • PSY 495 Psychology Honors Thesis*
  • PSYS 221 Sexuality: Psychosocial Perspectives
  • PSYS 227 Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • PSYS 361 Aging: Bio-Psychosocial Perspectives
  • EDUP 230 Educational Psychology*
  • EDUP 375 Field Experience in Psychology for Education Majors* (1 semester hour)
  • EDUP 432 Survey of the Exceptional Person*

*Class availability is limited. Seek more information from an advisor.

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Available Locations

The Psychology Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is currently offered at all of Lakeland College Centers, and through Lakeland College Online™. Most courses are also offered BlendEd®.

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