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Check out our high-performance liquid chromatograph. Take our ultraviolet-visible spectrometer for a spin. Would you like to use our DNA sequencer? Or perform Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy? If you’ve got a passion for biochemistry, we would love to work with you. Lakeland’s professors have an impressive collection of high-tech tools they're excited to introduce you to. Together, using Lakeland’s deeply ingrained hands-on approach, you will unlock the many secrets of biochemistry. You will get a project, you will learn how to use and troubleshoot all of our instruments, you will learn how to obtain results, how to interpret those results and how to explain those results to an audience.

A versatile major

Majoring in biochemistry opens up numerous career doors. A biochemistry degree from Lakeland will prepare you for medical school or pharmaceutical school, because your courses will meet the prerequisites for professional school acceptance.

If you’d prefer to go directly into the workforce, your Lakeland University biochemistry Bachelor of Arts degree – and the plentiful internship opportunities with local companies – will make you an exceptionally attractive candidate for entry level positions involving chemistry.

And if you’d prefer to enter graduate school and focus on earning a Ph.D. or doctorate in biochemistry, that path is wide open as well. One former Lakeland University student is a Ph.D. candidate in biophysics at prestigious Johns Hopkins University. Another is a Ph.D. candidate in physical chemistry at the University of Michigan.

Students who major in biochemistry will:

  • Understand and work with the central concepts of the field, including bioenergetics, biochemical pathways, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleotides and proteins
  • Formulate and solve biochemistry problems by applying the scientific method, particularly within a laboratory setting
  • Write effective lab reports, which follow the form and meet the expectations of scientific journals
  • Perform lab practices safely and professionally, employing up-to-date computer and instrumentation technology


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