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The Lakeland College Bachelor of Arts degree program with a major in education is designed to meet the professional, practical and personal needs of future teachers. Students receive the coursework, knowledge and assistance they will need to meet Wisconsin’s requirements for teaching certification. They are given the pedagogical tools and practical experiences which beginning teachers need in order to succeed in their own classrooms. Finally, and most importantly, Lakeland’s Education majors are encouraged to develop their own voices and teaching styles through hands-on engagement with the teaching process. 

Education majors available at the Milwaukee Center are:

    • Early Childhood through Middle Childhood Education Eligible for licensure in grades PK-6
      This major requires completion of an approved diploma program or associate degree program through the Wisconsin Technical College System in addition to the required Lakeland College coursework. Some WTCS courses will fulfill Lakeland College course requirements in the major.

education at Lakeland College

  • Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence Education Eligible for licensure in grades 1-8
    This major requires an approved minor. The Milwaukee Center offers minors in English, English as a Second Language, History and Mathematics.

Please refer to the Evening, Weekend and Online program catalog for more details about Lakeland’s Bachelor of Arts degree program with a major in Education.


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Education Major (45 semester hours)

All courses listed are 3 semester hours unless otherwise indicated.

  • EDU 100 Introduction to Education
  • EDU 140 Introduction to Educational Technology
  • EDUP 230 Educational Psychology
  • EDU 302 Physical Education and Health Teaching Techniques
  • EDUP 330 Human Growth and Development
  • EDUP 432 Survey of the Exceptional Person
  • COM 111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • MAT 210 Mathematics for Middle Childhood through Early
  • Adolescence Teachers
  • ARTE 312 Art Teaching Techniques (2 semester hours)
  • MUSE 317 Music Teaching Techniques (2 semester hours)
  • SOC 210 Majority-Minority Relations

The following courses are prerequisites to be admitted to the education division:

  • EDU 331 Science Teaching Techniques
  • EDU 332 Mathematics Teaching Techniques
  • EDU 341 Children’s and Early Adolescent Literature
  • EDU 342 Language Arts and Social Science Techniques
  • EDU 373 Field Experience in Education
  • EDU 379 Early Childhood Teaching Techniques [For PK-6 majors only]
  • EDU 382 Reading Techniques for Teachers
  • EDU 449 Education Capstone (Writing Intensive)

Must have completed all program requirements and state-mandated tests prior to student teaching

  • EDU 450 Observation and Student Teaching (12 semester hours)]
  • EDU 470 Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching (2 semester hours) [Must be taken concurrently with EDU 450

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The Education undergraduate degree is currently offered at the Lakeland College Milwaukee Center:

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