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Payment Options

The college offers the following payment plans for tuition, room, board and fees:

  1. Pay semester balance in full. Lakeland College accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, cashiers' checks and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discovery). A date is established each semester for an early payment discount.
  2. Interest Free Tuition Payment Plan. For a small yearly fee, this convenient option allows you to spread all or part of your annual education expenses over eight to ten monthly payments without any interest charges. Contact Tuition Management Service (TMS) directly for more information at 888-713-7234 or visit their website at
  3. Extended Plan: Balance due in 3 installments. The first installment is due the first day of the term. 2 subsequent dates will be set for each term which will allow the balance to be paid prior to registration for the next term. Due dates will be posted on the Student Accounts page on
  4. PLUS Loan - Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students. This is a federally sponsored loan program for parents to borrow money for their children's education costs. Click here for more information or contact the Financial Aid Office at 800-569-2166, ext. 1214.
  5. Alternative Loans - Bank sponsored loans - student borrower most often needs a co-signer.
  6. Military - no finance charges apply, but Military benefits must be confirmed by the Veterans Coordinator.

The account balance MUST be paid in full before the start of a subsequent semester.

Students are required to complete a Student Agreement and Disclosure Statement each semester. This form may now be signed electronically online through your account (see the student accounts tab). For this process to work, tuition charges must be billed and you need to have an intended payment plan on your account. If either of these are missing you will receive an error message. If you need to select a payment plan, click on the Payment Plan Option Selection tab. We will update accounts at the beginning of each business day. If online access is not available, you may print and submit the Student Agreement and Disclosure Statement to the student accounts office. If you have any questions, please contact Sue Bialk, manager of student accounts at 920-565-1258 or .

Student/Parent Loans

If you accepted a federal Stafford subsidized and/or unsubsidized loan as part of your financial aid, there are a couple of steps that need to be completed prior to your loan(s) being disbursed to your tuition account. These steps include completing loan entrance counseling (first-time borrower) and completing the Master Promissory Note (MPN). All Stafford loans will be borrowed from the U.S. Department of Education through the Federal Direct Loan Program. Click on the following links to complete the requirement(s) for you Federal Direct Loan:

Parent Federal PLUS Loan

The Federal Parent PLUS Loan provides loans to parents of dependent students attending post-secondary schools. All loan funds received under the program must be used to pay for the cost of attending a post-secondary school.

Parents can apply for instant pre-approval online and complete the Master Promissory Note for the PLUS loan online. If you do not have online access, please contact the financial aid office. Please be aware that credit check/loan approval is valid for a minimum of 90 days.

The Financial Aid Office will be notified of the credit decision. If the application is approved, the Financial Aid Office will certify the PLUS loan. If a parent is denied a PLUS loan, the student's financial aid package will be reviewed to determine if there is additional Federal Direct Unsubsidized loan eligibility. A revised award letter will be completed.

Alternative Loans

Students are recommended to exhaust all federal loan options first. If additional funding is needed, alternative loans are a source of non-federal educational loans available through a variety of national lending institutions. Minimum and maximum amounts to borrow may vary by program, but all require a satisfactory credit history for approval. These loans have their own application processes which are available online. Please contact us for the most current alternative loan information.

Exit Counseling

Federal regulations require students who have borrowed through a federal loan program to participate in an exit counseling session after they are no longer enrolled. You may complete this requirement online. You will need your Department of Education (FAFSA) PIN number to complete exit counseling.

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