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Ethnic and Gender Studies


Ethnic and Gender Studies

The ethnic and gender studies program addresses problems and issues that are as old as human culture. This multidisciplinary minor explores how societies throughout history have thought about and reacted to differences in race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality. These courses attend to the roles and experiences of women and minorities in American culture and abroad. More fundamentally, though, they ask us to reflect upon and rethink our own current understanding of these powerful and political categories.

Overall, the ethnic and gender studies minor aims at developing sensitivity to differences among people, while maintaining common values and acknowledging the need to work collectively. The perspectives encouraged by this program, along with the analytical skills it develops, help to prepare students for post-graduate study in law, the social sciences and literature, as well as careers in business and education.


Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean of the College & Professor of Literature and Writing
Professor of Sociology
Chair, Humanities Division, Professor of American Literature & Coordinator of Writing Center
Chair, Social Sciences Division & Professor of Psychology

Ethnic and Gender Studies Minor (17-18 semester hours)

  • EGS 150 understanding Issues of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender
  • Three of the following:
    • ANT 223 Cultural Anthropology
    • ENG 225 Multicultural American Literature
    • ENG 250 Introduction to Women’s Literature
    • PSYS 221 Sexuality: Psychosocial Perspectives
    • PSYS 227 Cross-Cultural Psychology
    • SOC 210 Majority - Minority Relations
    • SOCP 220 Social Psychology
  • Two of the following:
    • BUS 370 Intercultural Communications
    • CRJ 450 Race, Ethnicity, and Crime
    • EGS 470 Senior Project in Ethnic and Gender Studies
    • EGS 480 Special Topics in Ethnic and Gender Studies
    • EGS 490 Independent Study in Ethnic and Gender Studies
    • ESS 320 Gender and Racial Issues: Diversity in Sport
    • HISP 362 United States Women’s History (Writing Intensive)
    • HISP 372 United States Ethnic History (Writing Intensive)
    • SOC 312 Sociology of Gender


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