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Politics affect the neighborhoods we live in, the schools we attend, the votes we cast and the taxes we pay.

The study of political science directly enhances our understanding of everyday life by encouraging us to learn how people throughout history have used government, power and public sentiment to get what they want.

Lakeland's political science minor introduces students to the main traditions and theories of governance. As a field of study, it supplements the major of anyone who plans to enter a career in law, government service or public policy administration. Moreover, the political science minor can help anyone to take a more confident role in the decision-making processes that shape our world.

Note: Political Science minor will be available to existing declared minors only.


Associate Professor of History

Note: Political Science minor will be available to existing declared minors only.

Political Science Minor (18 semester hours and the appropriate education requirements) for Education and Non-Education

  • POL 221 American Government I
  • POL 231 American Government II
  • POL 350 Political Theory
  • Two of the following:
    • HISP 322 Twentieth Century Europe
    • HISP 341 U.S. Economic History
    • HISP 352 U.S. Intellectual History
    • HISP 361 The Modern Middle East
    • HISP 362 U.S. Women's History
    • HISP 372 U.S. Ethnic History
    • SOC 472 Social Service Policy
  • One of the following:
    • POL 400 Internship in Political Science
    • POL 480 Special Topics in Political Science
    • POL 490 Independent Study in Political Science

Note: To qualify for either Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence (grades 1-8) or Early Adolescence through Adolescence (grades 6-12) teaching certification in political science, a student must complete the courses listed above, a Middle Childhood Through Early Adolescence major or the Early Adolescence through Adolescence professional sequence along with a certifiable major, and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's (DPI) statutory requirements.


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