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    Whether you’re a classical artist who paints, sculpts or draws, or an artist whose canvas is a computer screen, Lakeland College will help you flourish. Our two art major options – art with a studio emphasis and art with a graphic design emphasis – are designed to meet your specific needs and make you stand out to potential employers in your chosen profession. “I think what most parents ask is, why would you major in art? What can you do with this?” says Denise Presnell-Weidner, associate professor of art. “Is there a career? Is there a future in this? Well, today, especially in the area of graphics, there are a lot of jobs in that area. Graphics are everywhere.”

    Broad spectrum knowledge

    All art majors at Lakeland College will learn time-tested art theories and techniques. Traditional classes in design, drawing, color theory and art history are in the core academic mix. Later, students gravitate toward their true artistic love.

    “Then the students will discover what they really want to do,” says Presnell-Weidner, who has served Lakeland College for almost three decades. “Do they want to work on a computer all the time or would they rather sculpt or paint?”

    Lakeland features a “Mac Lab” that includes the latest software for graphic design applications.

    Says Presnell-Weidner: “We’ve learned how to bring both contemporary ideas into our program while maintaining the traditional programs that make a strong art student a strong graduate.”

    Art at Lakeland

    When our art students produce great work, we like to make sure it's seen and appreciated by others.

    At Lakeland, excellence is regularly showcased, through our senior exhibits and the school year-ending student exhibition. That popular annual event, at the Bradley Art Gallery, features up to 500 pieces of students' "A" level work from all disciplines of art.

    Senior exhibits provide our talented graduating artists with the opportunity to display their work to peers and visiting family and friends. Each senior gives a brief presentation and answers questions from members of the audience.

    "The students prepare the work, they put the work up themselves, they do their own labeling, their own lighting, their own advertising, and it's really on their shoulders," Presnell-Weidner says.


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