Name: Evan Dieringer

Hometown: Germantown, Wis.

Title: Commercial lines underwriter

Business: ACUITY

Sheboygan, Wis.-based insurance company ACUITY  has regularly been ranked one of the best mid-sized employers in the nation by the Great Place to Work Institute, so it’s no surprise so many people want to work there. The competition for careers is intense.

Evan, a 2013 grad, was recently hired by ACUITY exceling through the company’s meticulous screening and interview process.

“I was able to talk about my liberal arts education, and how valuable that was for me,” Evan says. “I think they saw how well-rounded I was and how experienced I was due to my internships. I think Lakeland graduates are as competitive as those from any school.”

Evan says that during ACUITY’s vetting process, company representatives dissected his Lakeland transcripts and asked how specific classes might apply to the insurance industry.

“They seemed to be very impressed with the curriculum,” he says.

After graduating, he had two additional full-time job offers on the table, but chose to pursue the ACUITY position because of the company’s success, growth potential and incredible reputation.

“I’d say Lakeland enabled me to realize my potential,” he says. “The people at Lakeland pushed me and made me believe I could do whatever I wanted to do. I truly believe I would not be working here right now if not for my experience at Lakeland.”.