Name: Nick Nelson

Hometown: Menasha, Wis.

Title: Promotional staff member

Business: Milwaukee Radio Group

Nick has a passion for music and enjoys interacting with people, so no wonder he loves his job so much.

“If I could do this for the rest of my life I would be happy,” he says.

Nick majored in writing and minored in communication at Lakeland. He’s drawn plenty of value from all of the classes he took and the extracurricular activities – such as working for the student newspaper. Particularly helpful, he says, was a fundamentals of public speaking class he took during the first semester of his freshman year. From that class, he gained confidence and skills that would benefit him at Lakeland and beyond.

Now he speaks to “hundreds and hundreds of people on a weekly basis” with ease while promoting four Milwaukee-area radio stations at myriad interesting events

Some of his assignments have included making appearances at movie theaters, car dealerships and other businesses. He interacts with people and gives out prizes, among other social duties. He’s worked at opening day for the Brewers, was set up in the Miller Park parking lot prior to the recent Paul McCartney concert and he met Nelly when the rapper visited the Energy 106.9 FM station during Summerfest. He’s given away CDs to kids who were celebrating a birthday and handed out free concert tickets.

“Now that I’ve been at the station for more than a year, I’m starting to recognize people who come out to our events,” he says. “I worked on a boat cruise, and actually had to tell people I was ‘working.’ Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’m being paid for this.”

Nick entered college with writing skills he says were far from polished.

“My experience at Lakeland changed my ability to communicate,” he says. “When I arrived, I was a professor’s nightmare when it came to writing, and it took me a long time to improve. But my professors never gave up on me. They knew I had it in me. I would not be in the position I am today without their help and dedication.”