Name: Adam Beltran

Hometown: Sheboygan Falls

Title: Programmer

Business: ACUITY

Eighteen years after graduating from high school, Adam graduated from college.

Between ceremonies, he worked at a couple of Sheboygan factories and got an associate’s degree before enrolling at Lakeland in 2010. Now he’s excelling at one of the most highly regarded companies in Wisconsin – ACUITY, where he writes and modifies programs for commercial insurance.

“It’s awesome,” he says of his job. “It’s very challenging. I only know a fraction of what I will know a year from now. It probably takes between two and two-and-a-half years to learn everything.”

Adam’s interview process at ACUITY, which included a phone conversation and two personal visits, totaled about eight hours. He says Lakeland’s liberal arts based education and its computer science curriculum thoroughly prepared him to take on the competition. For example, few state colleges teach COBOL language, which happens to be a staple atACUITY. Adam also lauds Lakeland’s career development department, which helped him polish his resume and introduced him to job fairs, mock interviews and speed networking.

“Lakeland really reinforced a couple of key things for me,” Adam says. “One is to think for yourself; don’t just go along with everyone else all the time. And the other is that when you make a claim, either verbally or on paper, you have to be prepared to back it up with evidence.

“Overall, what Lakeland does is open your eyes to the world and help you understand things on a macro level. It really makes you a well-rounded person.”