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Many international students find an inviting academic home at Lakeland University. Students come from over 30 different countries, attracted by high-quality education, financial assistance offerings, respected faculty, Lakeland's extensive experience in supporting international students, full-time international student service programs and a welcoming campus.

Apply to Lakeland University

There are two ways to apply to attend Lakeland University:

You will also need to fill out and download the following important forms and information:

  1. Confidential Financial Certification Form - (All Applicants)
  2. Application Procedures - (All Applicants)
  3. Application Checklist - (All Applicants)
  4. Undergraduate Day Tuition 2018-19
    Graduate Tuition 2017-18
  5. Undergraduate Admission Requirements
  6. Graduate Admission Requirements
  7. Graduate Tuition & Fees
  8. TOEFL exemption list

Please send your inquiry or completed application and other required supporting documents to:

International Admissions
Lakeland University
W3718 South Drive
Plymouth, WI 53073-4878, U.S.A.

Telephone: 920-565-1337 Fax: 920-565-1556
E-mail us at:

For shipping UPS, FedEx, DHL or any other freight deliveries, please use the following address:

International Admissions
Lakeland University 
W3718 South Drive
Plymouth, WI 53073-4878, U.S.A.


All International applications are processed on a rolling basis. Fall semester begins in late August, Spring semester in mid-January.

Your application for admission and supporting credentials should be filed as early as possible to allow sufficient time to process your application, pay your SEVIS fee, apply for your visa, and arrange for transportation. The information and the documents you provide will be carefully examined.

Education USA


EducationUSA centers are the U.S. State Department‘s network of over 400 advising centers in 170 countries designed to assist local students find the appropriate college or university in the United States. We encourage you to visit your local center for information on selecting the U.S. college or university that meets your needs, understanding and preparing for the required admissions tests, assistance in the admission process, advice on finding financial aid for your studies, preparation for the student visa process, and pre-departure orientations. Click on the link below to find your center!

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