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LU ONE, Lakeland University's mentor program, allows alumni to share advice and experience, while giving students an invaluable opportunity to aid them on their pathway to success. The goal of the program is to foster meaningful and productive relationships to further develop an affinity for the institution. This new program is being piloted for spring semester of 2017; the intent is that the program will run for the entire school year starting in August, 2017.

Lakeland Students

Would you like to build a stronger professional network and gain exposure to career options, advice and job-search tips by talking with Lakeland alumni who have experience in your area of interest?

Lakeland Alumni

Are you looking for a way to give back to Lakeland or re-connect with the school? Do you have an interest in sharing your stories, your career experiences and insight into your profession to help a fellow Muskie succeed?

Through LU ONE, mentors and mentees are encouraged to communicate and meet regularly based on their needs, interests and availability. It is encouraged that the mentor and mentee meet a minimum of one time per month during the spring semester. These conversations may take place over a cup of coffee, during a community or professional networking event or via email, Skype or phone. In addition, all participants are asked to attend the Kick-Off/Orientation event on January 31 as an opportunity to meet face-to-face and formally begin the relationship.

Benefits to Alumni Mentors

  • A way to give back—and to re-connect with Lakeland
  • Enhance your personal coaching and leadership skills
  • Gain exposure to an emerging talent pool from which to recruit
  • Feeling of satisfaction from imparting wisdom and experience to students
  • An opportunity for self-reflection about your own academic and career path
  • Increased communication skills and increased sensitivity to the challenges others face
  • Enhance your own résumé

Mentor Eligibility

Lakeland University alumni with five or more years of professional work experience are invited to serve as a mentor. A range of professional roles and industry backgrounds is welcome.

The purpose of this program is to provide advice on networking, job searching, interviewing, balancing obligations and other life skills to undergraduate students in all academic areas. Before registering, please consider:

  • Am I willing and able to work with a Lakeland student and invest my time in their current and future career path? Am I available the date and time of the required events?
  • Is my place of work easily accessible for my mentee?
  • Do I have a positive attitude about my job and my industry?

Benefits to the Student Mentee

  • Build a stronger professional network.
  • Develop and enhance professional and communication skills.
  • Explore new ideas and areas of interest.
  • Gain exposure to career options, advice, and job-search tips.

Mentee Eligibility

Students must be enrolled full time at Lakeland, with sophomore or junior status.

As a mentee, you are encouraged to reach out to your mentor on a consistent basis. During the Kick-Off/Orientation event on January 31, you are encouraged to plan your first meeting.

Become a Mentor/Mentee

If you are interested in participating in this program, please complete a brief online application. The information provided in the application is intended to help Lakeland University staff make the best matches possible. If you would like more information before applying, alumni–please contact Linda Bosman, Director of Alumni and Church Relations at or students–please contact Jessica Lambrecht, Director of Career Readiness and Professional Development at .


December 2: Student applications are due
December 22: Alumni applications are due
Week of January 17: Students and alumni will be notified with name and information about your matched mentor/mentee
January 31: Kick-off/Orientation Lunch for mentors/mentees.
April 27: Wrap-up event for mentors/mentees


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