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Lakeland students are overwhelmingly happy with their on-campus living experience, according to results from a recent large-scale in-house survey.

Jim Bajczyk, Lakeland's director of residence life, said 90 percent of the respondents agreed with the statement, "Overall, I am satisfied with my on-campus living experience."

"Many other colleges and universities consider a 75 percent positive response to that question awesome," Bajczyk said. "We are very pleased our students are happy here."

More than 500 of the 600 students who live on campus completed the survey, which was comprised of 32 questions about all facets of residence life.

Some of the highest marks went to Lakeland's resident assistants (RAs), who drew the highest percentage of favorable responses (95 percent) for the statement, "I feel my RA is available when I need her/him."

"One of the main reasons we score so well in terms of satisfaction is the dedication and involved RA staff here," Bajczyk said. "Our RAs really strive to make positive connections with the residents, and do a remarkable job."

Other highlights from the annual survey included:

  • 93 percent of the respondents are confident their RAs can handle situations.
  • 93 percent feel safe in their living areas.
  • 90 percent feel compatible with their roommates.

The majority of students who completed the survey also indicated that living on campus has helped them learn about different cultures; that alcohol use on campus is not disruptive; that they are confident in campus security's ability to handle emergencies; and that they are able to sleep without interruption and study in their room without being disturbed.

Bajczyk, who has an open door policy and encourages students to voice their concerns in person or via email, said Lakeland's Department of Residence Life staff will not rest on its laurels after the positive results of this survey.

"We are constantly growing and learning from our students," he said. "We kind of like to use the inverted pyramid structure. Our job is to respond to the needs of the students, and we take that responsibility very seriously."

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