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All residents now have the opportunity to sign up for:

  • The hall in which they prefer to live; and
  • The theme of the hall or area in which they want to live.

This allows residents to not only sign up to live with others within their unit, but with other groups that prefer to live in the same theme area.

The following themes are being offered:

  • Wellness Communities: Wellness areas of halls will be for residents who choose to live with other groups who value physical, academic, spiritual and psychological balance. Groups will be able to choose whether they prefer to live in an area that is alcohol violation-free.*
  • Academic Communities: Academic areasor halls will be for residents who value living in an area where academics are stressed and free from interruptions that may impede their academic potential. Again, groups may choose to live in academic areas that are alcohol violation-free.*
  • Global Communities: Global areas or halls are for residents who choose to explore other cultures and live with residents from across the world. These areas are not meant to be exclusively international but a mix between international and domestic students who value the rich diversity such interaction brings.
  • Other Communities: Residents will have the opportunity to create their own themes in order to live with others who choose the same. If enough groups or individuals choose similar themes we will consider such an area or hall.
  • ALCOHOL VIOLATION-FREE means that if someone is found responsible for two alcohol violations, they may be asked to leave that area or hall.

How to apply for a theme: Mark which theme interests you on your housing application. If you have any questions, please contact us at 920-565-1521 or .

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