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Lakeland offers numerous on-campus employment opportunities, allowing students to connect with the school, earn money and build their résumés.

If you have questions regarding student employment at Lakeland, contact the Career Readiness & Cooperative Education staff at .


What is the first step in finding an on-campus job?

All on-campus student positions will be accessible on Lakeland’s internal job board. Open positions for the upcoming academic year are typically posted in July. To access this job board, visit Students can create a profile with all of their employment history and contact information, as well as upload résumés and any other supporting documents. The job board also allows students to sign up for email alerts when new jobs are posted to the site. Students can also follow the Lakeland Career Development page on Facebook for updates on open positions and any other student employment news.

When does hiring take place for the academic year?

We encourage supervisors to connect with interested students in July and early August and make offers so that students can plan out their fall schedule accordingly. Most positions are filled prior to the start of each term, but there are frequent ongoing/changing needs that can be hired at any point in time.

I am not eligible for Federal Work Study. Can I still work on-campus?

Full-time traditional undergraduate students and international graduate students can work on-campus, but priority is given to students with Federal Work Study and students in the Cooperative Education program.

More information on Federal Work-Study

What jobs are available on-campus?

Almost every department on-campus employs students. Most departments depend on students to help with daily operations. For example, students work in Dining Services, the Fitness Center, the Library, the Academic Resource Center, Marketing, etc.

List of positions that Lakeland University offers to full-time students

**Please note: the positions listed here may or may not be available.

How many hours can I work on-campus?

During the academic year, students can work 10 hours per week and 18 hours per week in positions that don't have consistent weekly hours, such as tutoring services or ambassadors. During times when there is no school for a full week, students can work up to 29 hours – this occurs during winter break and spring break. During the summer, students may work up to 40 hours per week.

Are work hours flexible so I can hold a full class load and be involved on-campus?

Yes, supervisors are understanding of class schedules. Some positions have early morning or evening positions available and other departments allow you to break up your hours during the day. Schedules can be determined prior to working to fit student needs.

What is the pay rate on campus?

During the academic year, students start at $7.25 per hour their first year of on-campus employment and wages increase 25 cents per hour each year they hold an on-campus position, reaching a maximum of $8 per hour. A few positions offer a higher pay rate.

When do student employees get paid?

Students are paid twice a month. The payroll schedule for the academic year can be found on under the "Employee Info" tab. Lakeland University requires mandatory direct deposit for all employees. To set up direct deposit, a voided check or banking document with routing and account numbers and account type is required.

After I've been hired for an on-campus position, what must I do to start working?

Once you have been hired, your supervisor will notify Human Resources. Human Resources will then contact you via your Lakeland email to setup an appointment to complete paperwork. You will need to bring the following documents to this appointment:

  • Documentation to complete an I-9 form— these documents must prove your identity and your citizenship
    • The most common for identity are: driver’s license or student ID
    • The most common for proof of citizenship are: social security card or a birth certificate
    • A passport would count for both forms of documentation
  • Direct deposit will also be required—see question #7 for details on what to bring.
  • A copy of your résumé

Students are not able to start working in their on-campus position until this paperwork has been completed.

Is there assistance provided if I want to work off-campus

Absolutely! The Career Readiness & Cooperative Education team has excellent relationships with area employers who like to hire Lakeland University students and graduates. Email to schedule an appointment!

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