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Whether you're trying to pass a course or maintain a 4.0, working with a tutor can be extremely helpful. Tutors provide FREE one-on-one assistance that may not be available in the classroom. They are experienced and qualified students who can enable you to have a better understanding of the materials at hand and teach you how to find and correct your own errors. Tutors make it possible for you to do your homework and learn from your mistakes.

Where to go for Tutoring

Our top notch student tutors are located on the third floor of Old Main in the HARC (Hayssen Academic Resource Center).

When coming to see a tutor, make sure you are prepared.

Make sure to set aside a large block of time to work with a tutor. Working with a tutor is not a quick fix; you must allow a significant amount of time to adequately cover the materials. Your active participation is necessary for your tutoring session to be successful.

Make sure to try your homework yourself before coming to see a tutor. This will allow you to know in what areas you need the most help and to make the time you spend with a tutor more effective.

When seeing a writing tutor:

  • Two copies of your paper (one for you and one for the tutor)
  • The assignment from the professor (what he/she says should be included in the paper)
  • A pen or pencil

Proofread your paper first. Try to make your paper as close to a finished product as you can on your own. This will not only help you become a better writer, but also it will make the time you spend with a tutor much more effective.

When seeing a subject area tutor, bring:

  • Your assignment
  • Your textbooks necessary to complete the assignment or prepare for an exam
  • A pen or pencil
  • Any additional tools or materials necessary to complete the assignment or prepare for an exam (i.e. a calculator, graphs, handouts).

How long are tutoring sessions?

There is no set amount of time for how long a tutoring session will last. There are a number of factors which will determine how long a tutor will need. Is your paper long or short? Has your paper already been revised by another tutor or your professor? Do you need help with all of your homework problems or just a few? Even though there is no set time, it's a good idea to come prepared to spend at least an hour. Again, we run on a first come first serve basis, so some waiting may be involved.

How do students set up appointments with tutors?

  1. Go to and select Starfish.
    * If the My Success Network page does not appear, select the menu icon in the upper left of the screen, and select My Success Network.
  2. Under How can we help? Locate current tutors available to you. Tutor subjects are listed beneath tutor names.
  3. Select the down arrow next to the appropriate tutor, and select Schedule.
  4. Select Tutoring Center, then select Tutoring, and select
  5. Select the date and time option when you want to meet and select
  6. Input information and select Confirm.
    A meeting invitation will be sent to your Outlook calendar with the details of your tutor meeting.
    *If there is not a time that fits your schedule, email the tutor to identify a mutually agreeable time.

Contact us if you need tutoring services or have any questions:

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