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Many students return to the classroom with a wealth of knowledge and experience from their professional lives. Lakeland wants to work with you to see if you can get credit for that learning.

Lakeland has several ways for students to earn credit for prior learning, which can shorten the time it takes you to earn your undergraduate degree.

You can earn up to 30 undergraduate credits for documented evidence of experiential learning.

Below are some options – just click the programs to learn more:

Lakeland has partnered with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) to give students an opportunity to create a learning portfolio to align prior learning with outcomes of Lakeland coursework to make the case for credit. Click here and answer a series of short questions to get an idea of how much credit you might be able to earn as a result of your professional background.

  • The Alternative Credit Project™ (ACP) program formally ended March 31, 2018 for more information about how these credits may still transfer click here.
  • Retroactive credit: Students can earn up to 14 semester hours of preceding coursework within policies outlined in the catalog. Available at undergraduate level for foreign language courses.
  • Equivalency Exams
    • AP – Advanced Placement Examination
    • IB – International Baccalaureate
    • CLEP – College Level Examination Program
    • DANTES – Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Equation Support

Even if you're not ready to apply, Lakeland is here to help. We have admissions counselors, financial aid advisors and academic advisors who specialize in helping students who have started careers or families to come back to school and finish their education.


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