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Download the MAC Internship Supervisor Handbook here.

The Basics of Supervision: A training module for individuals who provide on-site supervision to Lakeland University graduate students in the Master of Arts in Counseling Program.

This presentation will explore the basic skills, knowledge, and disposition required for on- site supervisors. The presentation also covers the role and expectations of on-site supervisors, as well as covering the various styles of supervision that create a successful experience for both the supervisor and the counseling intern.

As an on-site counseling supervisors you are being required to view this slide presentation for a variety of reasons:

  • Required by agencies accrediting our M.A.C. program
  • Supervision and counseling do not necessarily use the same skills
  • Being a good competent counselor doesn't mean that you will be a good supervisor
  • Training can provide an on-site supervisor with information and tools needed to be an effective internship supervisor

Once you have completed the presentation you are asked to send an email message to:

Deborah Bilzing, Ed.D., NCC
Director of the Master of Arts in Counseling Program

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