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Lakeland is now offering to freeze your tuition for three years!

Students who register for a minimum of one course offered within the Fall 2012 term are eligible to have their tuition rates frozen at the Fall 2012 cost per credit through Summer 2015.

The following terms of this agreement apply:

  • Current, new, and returning students must successfully complete (earning a grade of D or better) a minimum of one course beginning in Fall 2012 and maintain enrollment and successful completion of a minimum of one course in each consecutive term thereafter (Fall, Spring, and Summer terms annually) through Summer 2015. Beginning in Fall 2015, new tuition rates will apply.
  • Students must be enrolled only in courses offered through Lakeland's evening, weekend, and online programs. Students enrolled in traditional undergraduate programs on the main campus in Sheboygan, Wis. are not eligible for frozen tuition.
  • Students must maintain progress in the same undergraduate or graduate program during this period. Should a student decide to change programs at any time, new tuition rates will apply.
  • Students eligible for frozen tuition in an undergraduate program who take one or more graduate courses will be assessed the graduate tuition rates in effect for any graduate credits taken during this time; likewise, students eligible for frozen tuition in a graduate program who take one or more undergraduate courses will be assessed the undergraduate rates in effect for any undergraduate credits taken during this time.
  • Lakeland graduates who return to complete additional coursework through the Program for Alumni Career Enhancement (PACE) are also eligible for the frozen tuition program. They will be subject to the same rules and qualification criteria as any other undergraduate students.
  • Courses offered through Lakeland's Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Prep Programs are billed separately at different tuition rates and not included in the frozen tuition program.

Questions regarding the frozen tuition program should be directed to staff at any of the Lakeland centers.

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