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You have taken the first step on your journey toward a degree from Lakeland College. What's next? Fill out the contact form and let us know which degree you’re interested in pursuing. Then, when it comes time to apply, we'll waive the application fee.

Now, we know what you're thinking: “Why is Lakeland College the right school for me?” The biggest reason is Lakeland's BlendEd program - which offers the ultimate in flexibility. Each week, you decide which of the following five formats work best for you.

BlendEd at Lakeland

Attend your classes in person

If you like the traditional classroom setting, physically attending classes at their originating site is an attractive option of BlendEd.

BlendEd at Lakeland

Work online, on your time

Regardless of where you are or what time it is you can participate in a dynamic, interactive discussion with your instructor and other students.

BlendEd at Lakeland

Join us, from wherever you are!

Use your home computer, phone or tablet to follow along with the instructor’s live presentation and participate in class.

BlendEd at Lakeland

Watch later, when it’s convenient for you

Our lectures, classroom discussions and chat sessions are digitally video recorded and easily accessible at any time. You won’t miss a thing.

BlendEd at Lakeland

Participate face-to-face at selected centers

Classes are streamed live to various Lakeland centers, giving you the opportunity to interact with the instructor and in-class students.

Interested? Find out more by contacting Lakeland College today!

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