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The Storm 

It was after our 4th grade talent show at Lincoln-Erdman Elementary School that we put ourselves together as the STORM. A year later in spring we debuted at the talent show with our one and only song "Jump" by Van Halen. When we began Horace Mann Middle School in fall, we had two songs for their talent show. A teacher and musician there took special interest in us, gave us a ton of support and challenged us to have a 45 minute set by February to give a benefit concert. With the help of our drummer's dad, who was a drummer himself, we met the challenge and raised money for technology. That lead to us headlining at Ice Bowling and launching our band. We have now played the Sheboygan area festival circuit for three years with most of our gigs unpaid being for charitable events and kids. We can now play a two-hour set, another dad has invested in sound equipment and lighting and in fall we will enter North High School. It's with great support from our families, that we are also honor students and juggle many other sports and activities.

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