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Bloth is a singer-songwriter that has been playing in the Fox Cities in various bands since the age of 12.

Bands he has played in include Jeff Wood and the Symbiosis, The Neurotic, Gaiatron, The Fallen, and he continues to play in the new expanding Folk-Pop band Loudmaus.

Some of the bands that inspirational to Bloth and might help describe his sound include Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Modest Mouse, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Weezer, and Radiohead. There is only one Permanent member of the band who uses Bloth as a moniker. However a revolving door of talented musicians accompanies him when he performs live.

Bloth is not limited by genre and keeps things fresh by not sticking to one formula. The underlying sound is usually a unique form of Pop that goes all over the map. Places that Bloth has performed include Harmony Café, Rock Island Café, Brewed Awakenings, Maritime Tavern, Chadwick's, Chillers, Bazil's Pub, Appleton Farmer's Market, The BFG, The Subterrenean, New Moon Café, Bremen Café, The Wisco Madison, Sylvie's Lounge Chicago, as well as many other venues. He has played shows with many talented musicians, most notably Jordin Baas, Levi Besaw, Nicole Rae, and Steven's Point based Prodo.

Find out more on the Bloth Bandcamp page.


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