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ThinkHaus is a community conversations series created by Lakeland University, in partnership with Jake's Café in Sheboygan. The series features powerful, thought-provoking talks, no longer than 20 minutes, by an expert on a topic of interest to the local community. Following the talk, the speaker and community engage in discussion that results in new levels of understanding.

The mission of ThinkHaus is to inspire positive change in the community through knowledge sharing and creativity; promote community wellness through a thoughtful, meaningful forum; and create common ground among community members by sharing new ways of thinking.

The conversations are free and open to the public.

For more information or to suggest topic ideas, please contact David Gallianetti, Director of External Relations, 920-565-1119 .

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THINKHAUS: Coping with Anger

LU alumnus Greg Sadler provided methods for coping with anger that are rooted in the teaching of three ancient philosophers, Plato, Aristotle and Epictetus.

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THINKHAUS: Youth Sexting: The New First Base

LU Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Karin Miofsky provided information about youth sexting behaviors and what parents and educators can do to address it.

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THINKHAUS: Understanding Religious Extremism

Dr. Kuhn identifies some common tendencies in our labeling and discussion of religious extremism and points out the reality of extremism in nearly all major religions.

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Spin Control: Cutting Through the Rhetoric of Political Debates

Lakeland University Assistant Professor of Communication Casey R. Schmitt helped audience members cut through the political rhetoric – in a nonpartisan way – to understand what the candidates are really saying at the ThinkHaus lecture on Thursday, Oct. 6, at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center Theater.

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Building common ground within a creative economy, and how the creative economy can work for Sheboygan
Amy Horst, Deputy Director for Programing at John Michael Kohler Arts Center, led a discussion on building common ground within a creative economy in Sheboygan County at Lakeland's ThinkHaus community conversation on May. 19 at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.

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Paul Pickhardt

What if? A Look at Alternative Energy in Sheboygan
Paul Pickhardt, Lakeland University associate professor of biology and chair of Lakeland's Natural Sciences Division

Pickhardt discussed the pros and cons of burning coal as an energy source at this Nov. 13 ThinkHaus event at Jake's Café. Touching on the history of the Edgewater Power Plant in Sheboygan, he challenged the audience to consider what Sheboygan could look like if a community-driven effort led to using alternative, sustainable energy sources.

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Jon Doll

Creating Positive, Lasting Change Through Collective Community Impact
Jon Doll, Executive Director at United Way of Sheboygan County

Doll explored the "Born to Succeed-School Readiness" program currently offered in Sheboygan County, and discussed the possibilities for expanding the program through social movement in Sheboygan County at this March 19 ThinkHaus event at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan.

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Scott Niederjohn

Would Raising the Minimum Wage be Good for Sheboygan?
Scott Niederjohn, Lakeland University Charlotte and Walter Kohler Associate Professor of Economics and Business and director of Lakeland's Center for Economic Education

Niederjohn discussed the demographics of minimum wage both nationally and in Sheboygan County at this May 7 ThinkHaus event at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan.

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Disquiet in Middle America
Big Business, Washington, and the Assault on the Middle Class
Dr. Alan Mock, Professor of Sociology at Lakeland University

Dr. Alan Mock led the Sept. 24 Lakeland University ThinkHaus lecture at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, exploring how Big Business, Congress and the White House are waging war on the middle class.

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Kate Baer

Ending the Stigma Around Mental Health and Addiction: Join the Movement
Kate Baer, Executive Director at Mental Health America - Sheboygan

Stigma on mental health and addiction manifests itself in our daily lives in a number of ways. We may not even realize how our action or inaction can perpetuate the problem. Kate Baer provided information about what stigma and stigma attitude are, and how individual choices can help reduce stigma in our community at the Lakeland University's ThinkHaus community discussion on Nov. 19, 2015 at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.

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Digging into Sheboygan County's Heroin Epidemic
Todd Priebe, Sheboygan County Sheriff

The heroin problem in Sheboygan County is nothing new. Stories about arrests and overdoses are common, and many people know someone whose life has been altered forever by heroin addiction.

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