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J. Garland Schilcutt, a Lakeland University icon and among the most revered employees in the institution’s long history, died on Friday, March 16, 2018. He was 88.

Lakeland will announced details on a celebration of his life when they are finalized.

Known simply as Prof to most, he arrived at Lakeland in January of 1958, and the Gary, Ind., native planned on staying until the end of that semester.

Lakeland, the development of its business school and the educating, mentoring and nurturing of countless Lakeland students became his life’s work and passion for 60 years.

Born on Dec. 12, 1929, Schilcutt retired in 2015, having served 57 years, the longest tenure of any employee in Lakeland’s 155-year history.

When Schilcutt arrived, Old Main was the only classroom building, and Krueger was the only one of the current 10 residence halls that existed. During his time, he worked under half of Lakeland’s 17 presidents.

Schilcutt created and sustained many of Lakeland’s business-related academic programs. He was an early leader in forming Lakeland’s evening and off-campus programs, serving as dean for the program for a time in the 1990s. He served as the first director of the Master of Business Administration program. He won numerous awards and honors over the years, including the 1992 Underkofler Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award and being named an honorary Lakeland alumnus in 1988.

Last fall, the Lakeland Board of Trustees approved establishing the J. Garland Schilcutt School of Business and Entrepreneurship. Trustees, current and former faculty and staff and graduates gathered on Homecoming eve at The American Club to celebrate with Prof.

But, his enormous academic and programmatic contributions to Lakeland were dwarfed by the impact he had on the lives of individual students. For years, Schilcutt lived on campus, teaching his classes by day, then tutoring, mentoring and coaching by night, often until the early morning hours.

Officially both professor and resident director, he was a mentor, father figure, disciplinarian, confessor, advisor, counselor, advocate, friend.

His students have worked on Wall Street and main streets all over the world. They have been captains of industry, business creators and owners, teachers, members of this institution’s Board of Trustees … the list goes on and on.

Schilcutt scheduled his classes to start later in the day so he could accommodate the hundreds of students and peers who spent countless hours visiting him throughout the evening. While they played pinochle or listened to him play the piano, his visitors shared their goals and fears, and they listened as he advised and encouraged them, creating relationships that have stood the test of time.

“Today we market how, thanks to technology, Lakeland delivers access to education for students around the clock,” said Lakeland President David Black. “Prof did that for almost six decades. Prof was a part of the very fabric of Lakeland. His devotion to his profession and his willingness to give whatever it took raised the trajectory of so many lives. It made him the most respected and most beloved teacher in Lakeland’s long history.

“He dedicated his life to imprinting on students and his coworkers a way to live.”

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The Lakeland University Board of Trustees Thursday approved tenure and promotion to associate professor for Richard Lemke and Karin Miofsky, both members of the institution’s criminal justice faculty.

Lemke joined the Lakeland faculty in 2012 after serving for almost three years as assistant professor at the University of West Georgia.  Lemke has remained an active scholar in the field of criminal justice, and his continued engagement with the field has elevated the profile and rigor of Lakeland's criminal justice program.

He won the Underkofler Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2015, and he has actively served Lakeland, including leadership on the institutional review board and in academic assessment.

Miofsky joined the Lakeland faculty in 2014 after serving as assistant professor at the University of Hartford and the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. She has developed a reputation among faculty, staff and students for being a strong teacher, a collaborative colleague and a student-centered advisor.

She has served as a faculty advisor to three student organizations, supported the Starfish implementation team and provided her expertise in Lakeland's ThinkHaus series and the School for Seniors in Neenah.

We are saddened to share that Bill Kuchler, a longtime Lakeland faculty member, athletic director and coach, passed away peacefully on Feb. 22, 2018. He was 68.

Bill came to Lakeland in 1988 after serving as head basketball coach and athletic director at both Mount Scenario College in Ladysmith, Wis., and Clarke College in Dubuque, Iowa.

He served Lakeland as director of athletics, head coach for the men’s basketball, baseball and men’s golf teams and director of intramurals.

He later served Lakeland as a full-time assistant professor and taught a variety of exercise science courses including sociology and psychology of sport, kinesiology and freshman, sophomore and senior studies courses.

He left Lakeland in 2003 to join the faculty at Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Va.

Survivors include his wife, Luanne, and his sister, 1970 Lakeland graduate the Rev. Kathryn (Kuchler) Rust.

A complete obituary is here.

Nearly 300 students were named to the Lakeland University Dean's List for academic achievement for the 2017 fall semester.

To earn recognition on the Dean's List, undergraduate students must carry a full-time schedule of at least 12 semester hours and earn a 3.5 grade point average.

Lakeland's list includes students taking classes full time at Lakeland's main campus and through the university's Evening, Weekend & Online program.

Students on the Lakeland Dean's List include:

  • Yolanda Alarcon
  • Corey Allen
  • Megan Amundson
  • Isaac Anderson
  • James Antley
  • Charles Apostolik
  • Scarlett Archuleta
  • Megan Austreng
  • Jack Banks
  • Andrea Barile
  • Jacob Barthels
  • Desiree Bass
  • Abigail Baumgartner
  • Jessica Beaudry
  • Nicholas Becker
  • William Behrmann
  • Alyssa Benike
  • Cassandra Benoit
  • Essence Blade-Simpson
  • Gabrielle Boss
  • Theodore Bouthilet
  • Marissa Brakob
  • Cailyn Branback
  • Carly Brault
  • Cole Brock
  • Hipolito Brooks
  • Karson Brown
  • Emma Bruder
  • Taylor Bubolz
  • Meghan Bucholtz
  • Taylor Bush
  • Dedra Buteyn
  • Allison Byrne
  • Marlyn Caballero Carvajal
  • Peter Caddell
  • Karley Campbell
  • Steven Canales
  • Amanda Casperson
  • Tina Castillo
  • Lee Chang
  • Courtney Christel
  • Tali Coleman
  • Thomas Coleman
  • Nathaniel Cooper
  • Samantha Czechan
  • Alyssa Davis
  • Cindy Davis
  • Lorenzo De Nadai
  • Zachary Decker
  • David Del Ponte
  • Calie Delisi
  • Amalia Dodgson-Liosatos
  • Madison Doll
  • Kyle Domark
  • Caitlin Dreier
  • Terrie Dubois
  • Garrett Duffin
  • Naema Ennin
  • Devin Equitz
  • Megan Erickson
  • Allison Errthum
  • Meghan Etten
  • Janai' Farr
  • Tiffany Fischer
  • Quintin Fischer
  • Ashley Fogeltanz
  • Ryan Frankel
  • Zachary Fritz
  • Tennita Funmaker
  • Alyssa Gabrielse
  • Katyna Gaines
  • Jacob Gallipeau
  • Dale Gamez
  • Merjema Ganija
  • Rylee Garand
  • Chelsea Goakey
  • Megan Goeser
  • Kortney Goetsch
  • Nathan Golownia
  • Vladislav Gorbich
  • Eric Grauman
  • Emily Grzesiak
  • Adrienne Guarnieri
  • Talia Gutierrez
  • Jolene Halbach
  • Sandrah Hall
  • Elizabeth Hamm
  • Olivia Hansen
  • Linjiabei He
  • Joseph Heimann
  • Megan Hellmer
  • Kayla Hemb
  • Russell Henke
  • Brandon Herrin
  • Gregory Hintz
  • Joshua Hogan
  • Tia Hoisington
  • Dustin Holmer
  • Lauren Holschbach
  • Charley Hrobsky
  • Joshua Huenink
  • Matthew Hults
  • Dakota Hunter
  • Erin Iwanski
  • Miranda Jacobson
  • Alexia Janz
  • Joseph Javorsky
  • Nicole Jens
  • Justin Jensen
  • Hailey Jester
  • Misaki Jimbo
  • Brianna Johnson
  • Brianna Johnson
  • Jordan Johnson
  • Gerhardt Johnson
  • Sara Judge
  • Abigail Juozapaitis
  • Jasmine Kahly
  • Saori Kambe
  • Samuel Kaminski
  • Jori Kapla
  • Shari Kassube
  • Abigail Kelly
  • Heather Kirby
  • Alexander Kleiber
  • Daniel Koerber
  • Nicholas Koerber
  • Masaya Kojima
  • Oliver Kornetzke
  • Alexander Kornetzke
  • Shyanne Koski
  • Mitchel Larsen
  • Victoria Lauren
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Dominique Lee
  • Christopher Leopold
  • Erin Leverenz
  • Avinash Limbu
  • Susan Linden
  • Alexandra Lira
  • Logan Lisowski
  • Ariel Lochman
  • Mai Lor
  • Amanda Lor
  • Rebekah MacDonald
  • Israel Macias-Gutierrez
  • Trevor Maki
  • Stephen Maslowski
  • Patrick McDonald
  • Hannah McFarlin
  • Joseph McNaught
  • Haley Melby
  • Heather Meyer
  • Jenna Meyers
  • Spencer Miesfeld
  • Christine Mitchel
  • Zachery Mock
  • Amira Mongin
  • Randall Moyer
  • Kristin Mueller
  • Zyta Mueller
  • Rachel Nagel
  • Jacob Nault
  • Trenton Nickel
  • RonniJo Nigro
  • Reggie Nimmer
  • Colleen Nolan
  • Kalie Novak
  • Jared Nummerdor
  • Eric Nygaard
  • Ryan Oharriz
  • Miho Ohashi
  • Samuel Olson
  • Madison Olson
  • Ericha Ostermann
  • Christopher Otto
  • Olivia Parrott
  • Michelle Percudani
  • Zachary Petrowsky
  • Riley Phelps
  • Alyson Piper
  • Emma Posnanski
  • Kayla Potter
  • Mason Prunick
  • Eugene Reece
  • Melissa Reise
  • Joshua Reisimer
  • Andrew Richard
  • Ethan Richmond
  • Bryce Risch
  • Steven Risser
  • Elizabeth Roe
  • Neil Rohde
  • Aaron Rose
  • Ellise Rose
  • Mason Ross
  • Robert Ross
  • Natsuki Saito
  • Nathaniel Sampson
  • Zachary Samz
  • Azucel Sanchez Beltran
  • Brianna Sandvick
  • Diana Santos
  • Emma Schad
  • Emilie Schartner
  • Hannah Scherer
  • Emily Scherer
  • Rachel Schleicher
  • Tegan Schneider
  • Jamie Schneider
  • Zoe Schrameyer
  • Ann Schroeder
  • Nicholas Schroeder
  • Amber Schultz
  • Grace Schumacher
  • Michelle Schumacher
  • Jennifer Schwartz
  • Molly Schwibinger
  • Brittini Scoles
  • David Seefeldt
  • Matthew Seider
  • Cameron Sharp
  • Jack Shevalier
  • Meagan Simmons
  • Amelia Sitte
  • Chloe Skibinski
  • Jorden Sodergren
  • Zar Soe
  • Zachary Solofra
  • Jessica Spaight
  • Rachel Stankevich
  • Samantha Stauber
  • Allison Stauber
  • Tracy Stefanski
  • Savannah Stenlund
  • Mason Sterr
  • Jennifer Strickland
  • Danielle Sutton
  • Kristen Sutton
  • Sanjai Sydney
  • Casey Takahashi
  • Ririka Takizawa
  • Mara TenHaken
  • Michaela Teunissen
  • Mai Yang Thao
  • Fong Thao
  • Aree Thao
  • Mia Thaves
  • Sarah Thomas
  • Masaharu Tomizawa
  • Brittnee Truttschel
  • Jawon Turner
  • April Tylla
  • Luke Ulatowski
  • Rachel Ulatowski
  • Harrison Vang
  • Shifee Vang
  • Sa Vang
  • Hannah Vassar
  • Nicole Vercauteren
  • Amanda Vertz
  • Maui Adlenxel Viola
  • Eeshi Vue
  • Joseph Walcott
  • Steven Wasmundt
  • Shelby Welsh
  • Calley Wesemann
  • Courtney Wheeler
  • Michael Whitley
  • Sydney Wickman
  • Ashlee Wierzbach
  • Rachel Wilson
  • Brandon Winter
  • Christina Woelfel
  • Dana Worden
  • Corey Wright
  • Elizabeth Wulff
  • Ruby Yang
  • Tyler Yost
  • Alexis Zickuhr
  • Bryce Ziemer
  • Cal Zimborski
  • Kendra Zipperer
TEDx logo

The popular TED Talks are coming to Lakeland University.

Lakeland will host its inaugural TEDx event on Thursday, Oct. 4, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. The theme will be “The Other Side,” and Charlie Krebs, assistant professor of theater and speech, is organizing the event.

The event will be filmed, and only 100 people are allowed in the theatre at a time.

TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, is a media organization which posts talks online for free distribution, under the slogan ideas worth spreading.

The TEDx Program is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences.

Lakeland’s TEDx events will include a mix of live presenters and a screening of TED Talks videos intended to spark deep conversation. TEDx events are planned and coordinated independently, under a free license granted by TED.

Lakeland becomes one of just four TEDx universities in the state, joining UW-Madison, UW-Stevens Point and UW-Eau Claire, and one of just six TEDx locations in the state.

Anyone interested in speaking who has questions should contact Krebs at . Potential speakers can also submit a proposal here.


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