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Lakeland College will spotlight the work of four students as part of the Lakeland Senior Art Student Portfolio Exhibitions, which opens on Friday, Feb. 26.

Tanner Hackl, Rebecca Stemwell, Marvin Warfield and Justine Watson will discuss their work during an opening reception beginning at 4:30 p.m. in the Bradley Gallery, located in the Bradley Fine Arts Building on Lakeland's campus.

The exhibit, which will feature works created by these students during their time at Lakeland, will run through April 1. The Bradley Gallery is open from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Friday, when the college is in session. Attendance at the reception and admittance to the Bradley Gallery are both free and open to the public.The senior art show is a requirement for all Lakeland art majors. Students gain the experience of having their own exhibit, and are responsible for planning the show, putting the public relations together, hanging their work and any other details.

Tanner Hackl - Harley

Hackl is working toward a bachelor's degree in art with a graphic design emphasis. He transferred to Lakeland after receiving an associates degree in graphic design from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. He has owned his own design business since 2012, and he works as a student designer in Lakeland's marketing department. He's also a member of the Lakeland basketball team.

"One of the most valuable aspects I am taking away from my experience at Lakeland has to be the connections and opportunities that I have come across," Hackl said. "I have met a plethora of fantastic connections throughout my experience here. I am not sure where my path as a designer will go after I graduate, but I do know that I love what I do and if I can continue to design on a daily basis I will be happy."

Rebecca Stemwell - The Calm Beast

Stemwell is also working toward a bachelor's degree in art with a graphic design emphasis. She currently works for the Boys & Girls Club in Sheboygan Falls and Lakeland's Student Success and Engagement Team, and previously worked at the Luxembourg American Cultural Museum and the Marcus Cinemas in Sheboygan and Mequon.

She is very involved on campus, serving as president of Lakeland's ArtSociety, as an officer for the Pi Kappa Gamma sorority and as a member of the college's dance team.

Stemwell said she's discovered a passion for art through the children she works with as art program leader at the Sheboygan Falls Boys & Girls Club.

"The kids who come through my door have so much passion and creativity in their crafts," she said. "When they start to create, I see future painters, designers and, most importantly I see who they are as an individual."

Marvin Warfield - me and whit

Warfield is also working toward a bachelor's degree in art with a graphic design emphasis. He has worked as a graphic designer for the college's athletic department, as well as doing some poster and logo design work. He is a member of the football team and Latino Dance, and he's been an officer for the Beta Sigma Omega fraternity and the Black Student Union.

"The emotion within my work ranges from sadness to happiness," Warfield said. "There are always different vibes going on in my work depending on the messages I am trying to express. Many artists throughout the world have different ways of expressing their emotions. I express my emotions through color, text, shapes, and composition. Although those are the most vital elements when it comes to art in general, I like to emphasize those the most within my art."

Justine Watson - Dancing in the Street

Watson is working toward a bachelor's degree in art with a studio art emphasis and a second major in history. She works as an art program leader at the Sheboygan Boys & Girls Club and has held various roles in the college's art department, won an honorable mention award in Lakeland's 2015 annual student art exhibit and has produced CD cover art for musician Cal Northrun.

She is involved in a number of Lakeland extracurriculars, including serving as president and secretary for Latino Dance and the Japanese Student Association at Lakeland, alumni coordinator for the Phi Delta Omega sorority, vice president of UNITIES and as an officer for the history club and Global Student Association.

Watson counts among her chief influences Georges Seurat, Roy Lichtenstein and John Hicklenton, a comic book penciler known for his edgy, intricate style.

"Overall, my purpose with my art is to show a different perspective to the viewer, much like switching a camera lens, by distorting the image through colours, lines or dots," Watson said. "The mediums that I work with primarily are oil paint, printmaking, along with pen and ink. With each I have a unique approach shaped by my background and personal preferences."

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