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Lakeland University and the City of Neenah’s Committee on Aging will hold its third annual School for Seniors on May 16 at Lakeland’s Fox Cities Center, 2320 Industrial Dr., Neenah.

Classes will be held between 8:45-11:30 a.m. Lakeland faculty and staff will simultaneously teach three different 45-minute courses. Senior-citizen enrollees will be able to rotate, taking one, or more, free classes, as desired. Residents of Neenah and area communities are welcome.

Classes offered this year are:

  • Understanding Religious Extremism – Rev. Karl Kuhn, professor of religion
  • Talking to Your Tech: Interactive Technology in our Daily Lives – Chuck Grubisic, director of technology services and operations
  • What to Say: Using Dialogue in Fiction Writing – Jeff Elzinga, professor of writing

Register by Monday, May 14, by calling the Fox Cities Center at 920-727-0777. Registration, refreshments and information tables will be available beginning at 8 a.m.

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Lakeland’s “School for Seniors” gets great turnout! Lakeland’s “School for Seniors” gets great turnout!

On May 16, Lakeland hosted its third annual School for Seniors event at the Fox Cities Center in Neenah, with more... More detail

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