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Scott Niederjohn receiving financial literacy award from Tony Evers

Lakeland University's strong commitment to financial literacy efforts has again been recognized with a Wisconsin Financial Literacy Award, the fourth time Lakeland has been honored.

Lakeland's Office for the Advancement of Free Enterprise Education (OAFEE) was selected by the Governor's Council on Financial Literacy to receive the Governor's Financial Literacy Award for 2018.

Lakeland was one of 13 individuals, businesses and organizations honored as recipients of the 2018 Governor's Financial Literacy Award in a ceremony at the State Capitol in Madison, Wis.

"Financial literacy skill training is something we all need throughout our lives from elementary school to the workplace to retirement," said Gov. Tony Evers. "The dedication of these individuals and groups to helping the people of Wisconsin become financially secure and achieve their dreams is commendable."

An awards ceremony hosted by Evers and his Council on Financial Literacy was held on March 21.

The recipients were selected by the Governor's Council on Financial Literacy from the nominations submitted for consideration. Criteria weighed during the screening process included innovative implementation, demonstrated measurable results, collaboration with partners and whether the effort was focused on needs-based groups.

Lakeland's OAFEE offers a series of college-style seminars to Wisconsin heroes (veterans, police) and opinion leaders (teachers, nonprofit & clergy leaders, elected officials & policy makers, journalists). The 2019 Financial Literacy award honored Lakeland's Economics for Heroes program.

The OAFEE also offers an annual conference for teachers to assist them in learning more about, and effectively teaching, the history of the American economy.

The office, which is based in Lakeland's Milwaukee Center, serves Wisconsin in improving the understanding of our economy and financial system, and how to participate more effectively in both.

Previous Lakeland winners are Scott Niederjohn, dean of Lakeland's Schilcutt School of Business & Entrepreneurship and a national expert on financial literacy, who received the award in 2011 and 2014, and Lakeland's Center for Economic Education, which won an award in 2012.

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