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As long as human beings inhabit the earth, society will face the daunting challenge of dealing with criminal behavior by a disruptive subset of people. As a result, there will always be a strong, important need to fully understand and address this behavior in a fair, consistent manner.

Our criminal justice major covers all facets of criminal behavior, from the psychological and sociological aspects of crime, to law enforcement, criminal investigations and corrections.

Our criminal justice major provides students with a complete overview of the criminal justice system and all the major elements of it. It provides students with a theoretical understanding of criminal behavior, as well as the consequences of criminal behavior.

A strong foundation

As a criminal justice major at Lakeland, you will be challenged with a large variety of courses. The major delves into basic understanding of our criminal justice system, scientific inquiry into the treatment and prevention of criminal behavior and the ethical behavior of those who work within the discipline.

When criminal justice majors leave Lakeland University, they have a very strong foundation, in addition to the specialty courses that lend themselves to the students’ chosen area of interest.

Criminal Justice at Lakeland

Traditional paths into a criminal justice career often involve law enforcement or corrections. But while a Lakeland University degree certainly prepares students for those fields, criminal justice degree holders are branching out into many other types of careers.

This major provides opportunities to explore specialized areas such as offender assessment and rehabilitation, criminal investigation, evidence-based “best practices” in criminal justice, race and crime and the understanding of violent crime.


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