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Understanding the past will help you comprehend the present and prepare for the future.

“History majors understand the world and their place in it better than most people,” says Rick Dodgson, associate professor of history. “History students get a real chance to think about our world and the creation of their society in ways that perhaps other students don’t.”

Here at Lakeland, your history major or minor will strengthen your diploma and indicate strong versatility and knowledge. Often, students double major in history and education and become highly sought-after school history teachers. History majors are also natural, attractive candidates for law school, among other graduate school programs.

“History majors are usually quite literate,” says Dodgson. “They’re good at reading; they like reading. They’re good at writing. They’re good at summarizing information, summarizing arguments, seeing both points of view and being able to think critically … So, you end up with a well-rounded, thoughtful, capable individual that fits fine in the world of business, in the world of commerce, the world of entertainment – anywhere.”

Hands-on learning

Like almost all of Lakeland’s programs, the study of history here involves getting out of the classroom and immersing yourself in real-world learning.

“What makes it special is the relatively small class size which allows us to do things you just can’t do at a big university with a class full of 350 people … In our classes, if it’s an archeology class, we go out and do archeology. If we’re studying ethnic history, my class goes to the Sheboygan County Historical Research Center, which is full of millions of documents, and our students research the immigration history of local people.”

In addition, internships are strongly encouraged and set up at local museums and archives.

History at Lakeland

Lakeland’s History Club is “probably as vibrant as it’s ever been,” says Dodgson.

The club’s recent activities have included an open mic night at The Pub and a video game competition involving Assassins Creed 3 – which is based on the American Revolution.

Other regular activities include field trips (recent excursions have been to the Chicago Field Museum and the Milwaukee Public Museum) and the sponsorship of political debates in Sheboygan.


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