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Note: International Business major will be available to existing declared majors only. Courses will continue to be available as an emphasis in Business Administration

It’s no secret we live in a global economy, with the U.S. reportedly importing an estimated $2.7 trillion and exporting an estimated $2.2 trillion worth of goods or services in 2012.

There are few borders left when it comes to commerce, which will make your international business degree valuable indeed when you enter the job market.

“Students in international business take a lot of the same classes other business students take, but they’re also asked to take four semesters of a foreign language and they’re asked to complete some kind of study abroad experience,” says Scott Niederjohn, division chair of business administration. “And we make that very easy for students, whether that means they’ll do a three-week class internationally or do something for a semester or even a year.”

See the world and learn

There’s a new class called “Study Abroad in Business” which involves traveling to exciting places around the world during a May term. You’ll spend one week preparing for your trip in the classroom at Lakeland and two weeks traveling.

“If you want to go to China or Japan or Europe or the United Kingdom or South America, these trips are going to happen, so you just figure out when you want to go because this is the rotation,” says Niederjohn.

International Business at Lakeland

It’s difficult to talk business with people from other countries when you speak only English. That’s why we mandate two full years of a foreign language for this degree.

“That is different than other schools and different than our other programs in business,” says Niederjohn.

Given that U.S. trading with Mexico reportedly totals about $500 billion a year, Spanish is a popular language related to this major. Chinese is another popular language among international business students, with German and Japanese also offered.


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