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Some people tend to be left-brain oriented, wired to crunch numbers, analyze spread sheets and find comfort in black-and-white absolutes. Right-brain oriented people tend to be more drawn to writing, graphic design and other forms of creative expression.

And then there are those of you who are equally comfortable working on an Excel spreadsheet and an InDesign brochure. Do you fit that description? If so, our marketing major might be right up your alley.

“I think our marketing students know they’re interested in business, but they’re often more creative,” says Scott Niederjohn, associate professor of business administration. “They’ve enjoyed writing classes in high school. Maybe they’ve enjoyed some art classes. They want to tell a story but they want to do it in the context of business.”

A hybrid major

As a marketing student at Lakeland, you will complete critical core business classes such as finance, economics and accounting – in addition to actual marketing classes. But what makes this major different from the other business division classes is the emphasis on communication and even art.

Niederjohn points out that social media and graphic design are just two of the areas that fit seamlessly into the marketing curriculum and give our graduates a strong marketing base.

As with many majors at Lakeland, internships are stressed. And with world-class companies just a few miles from Lakeland’s campus, there are plenty of tremendous opportunities for Lakeland marketing students to complete real-world work prior to graduating and entering the job force.

Marketing at Lakeland

We asked. We listened. As a result, our marketing degree is stronger than ever.

Wanting to upgrade our marketing program, we asked local employers from some of our neighboring world-class businesses what they wanted in a graduate with a marketing degree.

One key change was a renewed emphasis on internships. Another was stressing research, the ability to carry out and analyze survey works or focus group studies.

“Our marketing program was designed with the input of employers,” Niederjohn says. “We really asked them, ‘what do you think students need to be able to do when they graduate?’ We recently made changes.”


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