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Music Major

This degree is the most general music major offered. It is designed for the student who is drawn to music, but does not plan to teach public school, nor make a living primarily as a performer. It is a more academic emphasis which could prepare students for a variety of paths. Students in this major take the music fundamentals courses required of all music majors, play in ensembles and take applied lessons on their instrument. This major is generally paired with a minor relevant to the student's long-term goals such as business, communications, graphic design, history, psychology or religion. A student graduating from this degree is most likely seeking graduate study/continuing professional education in an area such as professional ministry, music therapy, library science, musicology, theory/composition or entry-level positions in music business.

Music Education Major

Teaching music is a rewarding and challenging calling that requires dedication and the development of a very specialized skill set. Preparing outstanding music teachers has long been one of the central goals for the music department at Lakeland. This degree is a pathway for professional preparation leading to Wisconsin state teacher certification. It includes music fundamentals such as theory, sight-singing, ear training, piano and applied study on the student's principal instrument/voice, which are required of all music majors. Upper-division classes build both the musical and pedagogical skills required for success in a public or private school music classroom. Students will gain experience in conducting and lesson planning, do extensive observations in public school classrooms and student teach in one of the excellent music programs in our area. Music education students at Lakeland also have numerous opportunities for leadership positions and participation in professional conferences and organizations during college.

In addition to the major courses listed, music education majors complete the pre-professional sequence required of all students in degrees that lead to state teacher certification. This sequence may be found here: Early Childhood through Adolescence Education**

Music Performance Major

The performance degree path is designed for the student who seeks to develop their playing or singing skills to the highest level. Students in this major are often hoping to pursue a career playing professionally, and often teach lessons on their main instrument. Many students training for professional performance will go on to graduate school after completing the bachelor’s degree because of the broader opportunities that advanced study offers. Students with a performance background are also strong candidates for jobs in the music industry, such as personnel or outreach managers for a major symphony or opera company, administrators for arts advocacy organizations, as well as recording staff, music retail sales or production and a variety of other opportunities.

This degree includes music fundamentals such as theory, sight-singing, ear training, piano and music history which are required of all music majors. In addition, it requires more extensive applied study than the other music degrees for the student's principal instrument/voice. The performance major will also complete two solo recitals, typically during the junior and senior year. Classes in improvisation and music entrepreneurship help prepare students to think broadly about the music profession and finding their niche within it.

Music Minor

A minor is a secondary area of study which may represent a strong interest of the student's or may be chosen to compliment their major in some way. Music minors are often paired with areas such as business or communication. They may be advantageous to those seeking degrees in nursing, medicine, counseling or psychology, both because the discipline of music is favored by many medical schools historically, and also because these combinations may offer students a pathway into emerging fields in arts therapy. The music minor may also be a beneficial choice to students preparing for jobs in education or professional ministry.

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