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If you believe you are a creative, traditional studio artist, Lakeland University will help you flourish. Our studio art major studio is designed to meet your specific needs and make you stand out to potential employers in your chosen profession.

Students who immerse themselves in studio art at Lakeland will graduate well-positioned to thrive as successful fine artists, some of whom may choose to continue to grow at the graduate school level. Over the years, every Lakeland studio art student who has applied to graduate school has been accepted, a track record we are quite proud of.

For every studio art major, their capstone experience is the renowned Senior Exhibition, which gives art students their first professional major exhibition and leads the way toward many more.

"Our talented graduating artists are given an opportunity to display the very best of their work to Lakeland's faculty, staff and students, as well as visiting family, friends and members of the local off-campus art community," says Bill Weidner, Lakeland's Associate Professor of Art and Director of the Bradley Art Gallery.

"Each senior sets up a unique display in the Bradley Art Gallery, promotes the exhibit, and on opening day, gives a brief presentation and answers questions from members of the audience."

Another showcase event, the Annual Student Art Exhibition in the Bradley, annually features up to 500 pieces of "A" level work from many disciplines of art. Top work is also displayed year-round in the Verhulst Hall Art Gallery.

Before studio art students are ready to share their work with the LU community, they engage in challenging course work. They also learn to use a broad range of media and art tools to become skilled at creatively composing the elements of art – line, shape, value, texture, color and space.

"Our students receive constant and honest daily feedback, as well as scheduled critiques that prepare them for the more advanced studio art courses, such as higher levels of painting, watercolor, drawing, printmaking and ceramics," said Weidner.

"Finally, our students reach the highest-level courses, in which, under supervision, they design their own artistic direction."

Broad spectrum knowledge

All studio art majors at Lakeland University will learn time-tested art theories and techniques. Traditional classes in design, drawing, color theory and art history are in the core academic mix. Later, students gravitate toward the discipline and medium that will best satisfy their own personal, self-expressive needs.

Art at Lakeland

When our art students produce great work, we like to make sure it's seen and appreciated by others.

At Lakeland, excellence is regularly showcased, through the Senior Exhibitions and the Annual Student Art Exhibition in the Bradley Art Gallery which often features up to 500 pieces of students' "A" level work from many disciplines of art.

Senior exhibits provide our well-educated graduating artists with the opportunity to display their work to peers and visiting family and friends. Each senior gives a brief presentation and answers questions from members of the audience.

The students prepare the work, display the work and promote their role in the exhibit.

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