Lakeland University Dining Services Menu
Eggs Scrambled Scrambled Scrambled Scrambled Scrambled
Omelet/fried eggs Denver eggs Omelets Fried eggs👨‍🎓 Omelets Ham & cheese eggs
Meat 1 Bacon Pork sausage links Corned beef hash Pork sausage links Ham
Meat 2 Turkey sausage links Chicken sausage patty Turkey sausage links Chicken sausage patty Turkey sausage links
Potato Hash browns Potato bacon frittata American fries Potato cubes Hash brown patty
Sweet/waffle French toast sticks Pancakes Cinnamon swirl French toast Apple pancakes Warm cinnamon rolls👨‍🎓
Comfort food Chicken tenders
Buffalo chicken tenders
Grilled vegetable salad🌱
Johnsonville brats Sizzlin' chicken Caesar salad🌱👨‍🎓 Thursday burger special (rotating) Chicken stir-fry👨‍🎓
Vegetable stir-fry🌱👨‍🎓
Protein BBQ beef & cheddar on pretzel bun Grilled chicken burger
Veggie burger🌱
Sausage breakfast skillet
Starch Tater tot casserole👨‍🎓 White mac & cheese🌱
White mac & cheese with bacon
Onion rings
Ridged potato chips with dip
Seasoned potato wedges
Pasta alfredo primavera
Jasmine rice
Fortune cookies
Vegetable Corn Broccoli California blend Brown sugar-glazed carrots Cabbage
Deli Special Special
Soup Broccoli cheese Chicken noodle Curry cauliflower Corn sausage chowder Beef noodle
Pizza Meat lovers👨‍🎓 Hawaiian👨‍🎓 Mac & cheese👨‍🎓
Comfort food Spaghetti with marinara, alfredo and meat sauces Chicken bacon ranch sandwich
Mozzarella sticks with marinara
Pot roast
Lemon tilapia👨‍🎓
Baked penne with Italian Sausage
Paked penne🌱
Breakfast for dinner👨‍🎓
Protein Grilled portobello Caesar Breaded pork chop with warm applesauce Scrambled eggs🌱
Cheese egg bake
Starch Spaghetti🌱
Warm focaccia loaf
Mashed cauliflower
Roasted red potatoes
Mashed potatoes with gravy
Wild rice
Stuffing with sausage
Chocolate chip pancakes🌱
Bacon and chicken patties
Vegetable Asparagus Winter blend Corn Peas Hot cereal
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🌱 denotes vegetarian option, gluten-free available upon request, 👨‍🎓 denotes student-requested item
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