Lakeland University Dining Services Menu
Eggs Scrambled Scrambled Scrambled Scrambled Scrambled
Omelet/fried eggs Denver eggs Omelets Fried eggs👨‍🎓 Omelets Ham & cheese eggs
Meat 1 Bacon Pork sausage links Corned beef hash Pork sausage links Ham
Meat 2 Turkey sausage links Chicken sausage patty Turkey sausage links Chicken sausage patty Turkey sausage links
Potato Hash browns Seasoned potato cubes American fries Potato cubes Hash brown patty
Sweet/waffle French toast sticks Pancakes Cinnamon swirl French toast Warm cinnamon rolls👨‍🎓 French toast bake
Comfort food Popcorn chicken Ham & cheese on pretzel bun with mustard mayo Sizzling Salads Chicken curry Patty melt
Protein Hot dogs Grilled chicken breast with BBQ sauce Tofu curry Chicken alfredo
Starch Mashed potatoes & gravy Ranch fries
Brown rice
Jasmine rice Battered onion rings
Vegetable Corn Green beans Roasted cauliflower Wisconsin blend
Soup Homemade chicken dumpling Cream of potato Beef barley Broccoli cheese
Comfort food Christmas meal for students:
Carved prime rib
Broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast
Breaded shrimp
Gnocchi bolognese Shrimp ravioli with spinach alfredo sauce Taco bar Pizza burger
Protein Baked haddock with cilantro and lemon Grilled pork tenderloin with creamy mushroom sauce Seasoned beef & chicken
Chorizo meatballs
BBQ beef tips
Starch Baked potatoes Pasta shells with cream sauce Roasted sweet potatoes Mexican rice
Hard and soft shells
Cheese mashed potatoes
Vegetable Sweet corn Roasted asparagus Green bean casserole Corn Peas
Soup Favorite Christmas ice cream flavors
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🌱 denotes vegetarian option, gluten-free available upon request, 👨‍🎓 denotes student-requested item
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