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Lakeland is proud to offer students online tools and resources to help them better understand their personal finances. Managing money and staying on top of student loan debt will leave students more prepared to take on life after college. The tools below offer information on budgeting, credit, student loans, jobs after college, investing, retirement planning and much more.


SALT is a free online web resource that everyone can sign up for. SALT helps students plan for, pay for and repay the cost of their degree—while preparing them for a successful financial future! Students may also find scholarships here.

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GradReady is a free online web resource that all students can sign up for. GradReady helps students develop financial wellness by teaching them methods to pay for college, improve financial behavior, develop confidence to manage money successfully and more! Import actual student loan data to begin to managing debt while in school with loan repayment tools.

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Student loan repayment

Navigate through student loan repayment by following these helpful steps and utilizing free resources.

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Lakeland out-of-pocket calculator

Students can quickly see what they owe Lakeland University for tuition, fees room and board for the upcoming year with this helpful calculator!

Download out-of-pocket calculator - traditional day program (.xlsx format)

Download out-of-pocket calculator - evening, weekend & online program (.xlsx format)

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