Women's Leadership Institute

At Lakeland University we understand the importance of empowering women and making sure their story is heard.

We invite PTK members to join our Women’s Leadership Institute!

There’s never been a more opportune time to launch a comprehensive initiative to support women in pursuing leadership and education. Lakeland University recognizes this timely opportunity and seeks to build upon its existing support of women to play a meaningful role in shaping the next generation of female leaders through education and mentoring. 

We deliver this program through Lakeland’s unique BlendEd Live. You can full participate in the course in person, real-time through video conference technology from home or work, or completely online. The choice is yours, each week!

If you are interested, please fill out the form below or email getstarted@lakeland.edu for more information.

Women's Leadership Institute

Women's Leadership Institute

Students that enter the Women's Leadership Institute will:

  • Receive tuition free bachelor's degree course. All research, reading, writing and journaling in this course is related to contemporary women.
  • Be introduced to a variety of formal and informal learning opportunities.
  • Have opportunities to grow their leadership skills and abilities.
  • Connect with women who share similar goals and aspirations.
  • Gain a support network that will motivate them to do better for not only themselves, but their families.
  • Receive membership to Building Brave, a women's mentoring group; as well as a sponsorship to Lakeland's annual conference, SOAR: Women Reaching Higher.

Women's Leadership Institute

Why should students join this program?

  • Scholarships/discounts available
  • Credit for prior learning and/or experiences
  • Individual/personalized advising ensuring a seamless transfer
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Special topic sessions that allow members of the program to develop professionally
  • Seven Lakeland centers conveniently located throughout Wisconsin
  • Flexible learning formats available at Lakeland, including BlendEd and BlendEd Live
  • Get a head start on a Lakeland degree by taking one class that has a specific focus on women in leadership while still enrolled at technical college
Why Join Women's Leadership Institute?

Join Women's Leadership Institute!