Making the Connections from Lectionary Lessons to Christian Living

Feb 24th, 2020

9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Making the Connections from Lectionary Lessons to Christian Living

Beginning with Ash Wednesday and proceeding to Palm/Passion Sunday, we’ll attend first to the Psalm and Old Testament Lesson for each day, using them as points of departure toward the Gospel and Epistle Lessons. Recorded musical versions of the Psalms will be interspersed to provide variety as well as a few moments to meditate on the Psalm for the day.

J. Clinton McCann, Jr. is the Evangelical Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Eden Theological Seminary. Clint’s research and writing have focused on the Psalms. A noted biblical scholar, he served as chair of the Psalms Section of the Society of Biblical Literature for ten years. He is the author of numerous articles and essays on the Psalms and other biblical material. He served as Consulting Translator of the Book of Psalms for The Common English Bible, and he wrote the introduction to and annotations on the Psalms for The CEB Study Bible (2013). Dr. McCann is especially interested in the intersection of religion and culture and he frequently uses songs and videos in his teaching.

  • $35/person
  • Laun Center, Room 209
  • Continental breakfast and lunch included.

Contact Linda Bosman at or 920-565-1023 ext. 2151 for more information.

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