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Faculty/Staff: On-Campus Poker Run


Here's how it works:

There will be nine stops around campus (see below). You need to collect at least five cards to make a poker hand. The more cards you get (up to nine), the better chance of getting a winning poker hand. You can only get one card per stop and there is no swapping of cards. You are allowed to look at your cards. You will responsible to turn in your BEST five card poker hand to Jackie Flesch in the Business Office when completed. Jackie will not help you figure out your best hand, so Google poker and check it out if you need to know what's a good hand.

The poker run will help you get out of your workspace for some exercise, fresh air, a chance to meet new people and explore new spaces you may not get to see. Please introduce yourself to new people that you may encounter. Hopefully you will meet some new people and make some new friends.

Locations to pick up cards:

Chaplains Office–Lauer Center: Julie Mavity Maddalena
ARC–4th Floor Old Main: Ann Penke
Campus Center Info Desk: Alli Van Stelle
4th Floor WAK: Follow the signs from Stuart Schmidt's desk
Library: Melanie Jones
Athletics Office–Wehr Center: Karen Westley
Laun Center–Business Admin. Offices: Mari Jo Jetzer
Nash–Admissions: Margaret Teske
Chase Science Center: Greg Smith's Area- Follow the signs

There will be prizes! Have fun and good luck!

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