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Introduction to Mindfulness


An 8-week class, FREE for students: sign-up required for the full 8 weeks ($40 employees)

Mindfulness, often defined as “paying attention nonjudgmentally in the present moment,” helps us tune into our senses, thoughts, and emotions with kindness. This eight-week course includes seated and moving mindfulness meditation exercises and suggestions for home practice. Improve your mood and relationships, reduce stress, and benefit your physical health. With the support and camaraderie of fellow course participants, develop a healthy habit that will serve you and those around you for life.

Gentle yoga movements and breathing exercises will sometimes be included with the option to perform them on a mat or seated in a chair. If you have a history of trauma or an untreated mental or physical health challenge, please consult your physician or mental health care provider before enrolling in this program.
For more information or to register, contact Alex Liosatos ()

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