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International Night rocks the Bradley!

April 15, 2015 In Lakeland University Blog
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A jam-packed Bradley Theatre crowd clapped rhythmically during performances and cheered enthusiastically throughout Lakeland College’s 10th annual International Night, which featured students singing, dancing and showcasing their native dress and customs.

One of the many Lakeland students who enjoyed Tuesday’s show described it perfectly on her Facebook wall: “I love international night,” wrote the student, who’s from upper Michigan. “Huge shout out to all of those in the program tonight; you were awesome. Lakeland sure is one special place!”

This always popular event, presented by Lakeland’s Global Student Association, was a spectacular 90-minute display of student talent. Among the performances were a Latin dance routine, a Chinese song, a native Japanese “fisherman’s dance,” a traditional African dance, a singing performance by Lakeland Associate Professor of History and native of England Rick Dodgson and a Brazilian dance that included soccer ball juggling.

“The show rocked!” said Jennifer Siebert, Lakeland’s director of international programs. “Our international student community makes Lakeland so much better, and this is a tremendous opportunity for those wonderful students to shine and show everyone how cool it is to have them on our campus.”

Siebert noticed that many of Lakeland’s American students in the audience were cheering for their international peers by name.

“I thought that was really neat,” she said. “It was a case of classmates cheering for classmates, roommates cheering for roommates. I was so psyched about that. It really showcased the solidarity of our entire student body.”

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