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Blog feature on Lakeland's Irvin Colon!

June 2, 2014 In Lakeland University Blog
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Check out this feature about Lakeland's own Irvin Colon on the website!

Irvin is a dreamer. After graduating from Lakeland College this fall, he hopes to travel the world, find a successful accounting job and continue to nurture his love of theater. As a trilingual international business major who has performed in eight college theater productions, it seems he has what it takes to achieve these dreams.

However, six years ago, Irvin had never even considered going to college.

"My College Possible junior coach was the first person to believe in my ability to go to college," Irvin said. "She talked to me and supported me, and I decided I should give it a shot."

When he attended South Division High School, Irvin was a quiet student with no plans for the future. In college, he found his voice and became a leader.

"College has helped improve my communications skills," he said. "I've learned to present myself to advocate for change to help other students."

At Lakeland, Irvin is the president and founder of the Latino Dance Group and the president of a campus theater group. He is in student government and has performed in theater and dance.

He has also thoroughly enjoyed his classes. Along with his international business major, he has studied Japanese and become fluent. He has already been offered jobs in the accounting field for next year. Although he has not yet decided what path to pursue after graduation, he is motivated to continue to broaden his horizons.

"My dream of traveling around the world and getting to do everything I want to do inspires me," said Irvin. "I want to be successful, not only for me but for my future."

It's hard to believe that Irvin, who has been so involved at Lakeland and now has solid prospects for the future, was once uncertain about going to college. College Possible helped him find a supportive campus and gave him the resources necessary to come out of his shell and thrive there.

"I'm glad that a group like this was created in Milwaukee," Irvin said. "It's a blessing. It has helped many students follow their dreams."

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