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July 22, 2015 In Lakeland University Blog
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Noah Ross says he’s not interested in helping Lakeland College student-athletes create “beach bodies.” That’s why you won’t see Muskies under his watchful eye doing curls to make their biceps bulge.

Ross, a 2014 Lakeland graduate in his first year as the college’s strength and conditioning coach, is passionate about workouts that translate directly to sport-specific strength, explosive performance and durability.

“I have experience with how the human body moves in each sport,” says Ross, who works for Prevea and is assigned to Lakeland 20 hours a week. “We want to apply that to everything we do in the weight room and through our speed work. We believe in training for athletic movement, not just building larger muscles.”

Lakeland first-year assistant football coach Eric Treske, who is also extremely passionate and knowledgeable about modern strength and conditioning practices, began designing cutting-edge workouts for Muskies athletes in January. Ross was hired in late May after interning for four months at Stony Brook University in New York.

All summer, Treske and Ross have implemented dynamic early-morning workouts for Muskies athletes on campus. Those who are home for the break have access to a Google document that details the workouts.

“We believe in fast tempo and energy in the room,” Ross says. “Quickly get in and out of each station. Kids are moving fast, encouraging each other. We want an environment where the athletes are enjoying themselves.”

Ross, a self-described “heavier set kid” at Sheboygan South High School, went to a two-year school after graduation and dabbled in welding and criminal justice. Stuck in a rut, Ross dove into working out, lost 50 pounds and realized he’d found his passion. He transferred to Lakeland, where he played linebacker and earned his degree in exercise science and sport studies.

“I always liked athletics and wanted to be around it in some way,” he says. “Coming to Lakeland and experiencing the exercise science program really opened my eyes. I love being in this role. This is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.”

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