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Library opens Student Art in the Library gallery

October 8, 2015 In Lakeland University Blog
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Nicole Holstein Nicole Holstein

An idea published in the Lakeland College Mirror by student Benjamin Wilks has blossomed into an aesthetically pleasing display at the John Esch Library.

Earlier this week, the library unveiled its Student Art in the Library gallery, a showcase for the work of four artistically gifted Lakeland students.

"The art enhances our library in a very student-centric way, and it allows our talented students to share their work with each other and perhaps even inspire each other," said Joe Pirillo, Lakeland's reference librarian. "It is nice to see such beautiful talent adding to the environment of our library."

Pirillo came up with the idea to affix student art to the library's walls last spring after reading a column by Wilks in the Lakeland Mirror newspaper. In the column, Wilks lamented the fact that Lakeland has many talented artists, but the college has been reluctant to showcase that work around campus.

This fall's gallery features the work of four student artists: Anna Colon, Scott Hayes, Nicole Holstein and Chloe Kiersch (a student who attends the Fox Cities Center in Neenah). For a look at their work, or to learn how you can participate, visit the Lakeland library website. All students, regardless of their major, are invited to submit artwork for consideration.

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