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Top mathematicians square off

March 17, 2016 In Lakeland University Blog
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integration formula

Lakeland College student Jonathan Weidensee solved the problem shown above to win Tuesday night’s eighth Integration Bee, a spirited annual competition for the college’s top math mavens.

Finishing second was Audrey Nichols and third was Madeline Pearson. The top three were awarded $100, $60 and $40, respectively. The prizes were made possible by Jolson Ng, a Lakeland grad and retired professor who donates $200 to the event each years.

“We really appreciate the way Dr. Ng has supported the Integration Bee for eight straight years,” said Cristi Chang, associate professor of mathematics. “Without that support, this event would not be nearly as successful.”

There were 10 competitors and about 20 spectators for the competition, which lasted six rounds. Each round lasted five minutes, and each competitor was given the same equations to solve. The championship round went to Weidensee, who solved his equation just before Nichols.

Prior to the competition, competitors and spectators enjoyed a pizza party.

To read more about this event, check out the coverage by The Mirror, Lakeland’s student-driven media website.