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'It's one big puzzle'

October 7, 2016 In Lakeland University Blog
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When “The Accountant” hits big screens later this month, you can bet Lakeland University senior Jocelyn Yeager will be among the first in line.

The much-anticipated movie, starring Ben Affleck, is about a CPA who secretly does dirty freelance work for criminals. Yeager, whose academic and career passion is forensic accounting and fraud, loves that kind of story.

“It’s one big puzzle,” she said of real-life fraud. “Someone did something wrong, and now you’ve got to figure out how they did it and how to prevent it in the future.”

Yeager, who’s closing in on a double major (accounting with a fraud emphasis, along with business) and a computer science minor, recently completed an exciting internship with Schenck, a full-service CPA and consulting firm with locations in eight Wisconsin cities.

Working for Schenck Chief Information Officer Steve Hyde, Yeager researched systems, security risks and best practices, and helped Hyde conduct a survey on an audit. She was the first IT consulting intern Schenck ever hired.

“Jocelyn is fantastic,” Hyde said. “With the increase in fraud, I’m glad she’s on our side. During the internship she was always professional, she asked great questions and, frankly, she is far ahead of where I was at her age.”

Lakeland is a leader in the field of forensic accounting. Each year, the university hosts a forensic accounting competition involving up to 20 Wisconsin high schools.

“I’m extremely lucky I chose Lakeland,” said Yeager, who is currently serving as an IT consultant for the university’s exercise science program. “The emphasis here on internships and on forensic accounting is incredible.”

Yeager currently has three internships on her resume. In the summer of 2015, she interned at Insight Forensic Accountants, a company with offices in Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver and Milwaukee.

Her career goal is to work for the FBI. A former Schenck employee works there now, and Hyde has already made a call and offered a strong recommendation on Yeager’s behalf.

“I see great, great things from her in the future,” Hyde said of Yeager. “I expect her to create a fantastic legacy.”