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October 31, 2016 In Lakeland University Blog
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Peter Ludolph loves flying so much, he plans to do it for a living. Recently, the 2016 Lakeland graduate took another big step toward that goal.

Ludolph, a shining product of Lakeland University’s Aviation Program, passed his check ride with flying colors and became a certified commercial multi-engine pilot. His exam was conducted by Tom Boyer, a pilot examiner, and Ron Polomoscanik, an inspector with the Milwaukee Flight Standards District Office of the Federal Aviation Administration.

“Both Boyer and Polomoscanik complimented Peter, saying they were impressed by his skillful and careful handling of the plane,” said Steve Vaught, Lakeland College assistant chief flight instructor. “They also praised Lakeland’s program, saying we are quickly becoming the best flight school in the region.”

Ludolph, a native of Sobieski, Wis., near Green Bay, said Polomoscanik (formerly a B-52 pilot in the U.S. Air Force and a captain at Comair) told him he has a bright future in aviation.

Ludolph now has his private, instrument and commercial pilot certificates, meaning he can fly for charter companies or receive payment to fly people around the country in any navigable weather conditions. Next, he plans to add his single-engine rating to his certificate.

With a healthy 265 hours of flight time under his belt, Ludolph has enjoyed his time in Lakeland’s Aviation Program. He also likes the fact that the LU Aviation Program yields a minor, not a major.

“It has really become a program that asks its students to devote themselves, and be very professional,” said Ludolph, who has his bachelor’s degree in communications. “I think it’s a really good, serious program for Lakeland, and I think having a degree in something else is a huge advantage. It allows a person to market oneself as a more versatile asset to any company. What can you do for a company in addition to flying? The four-year degree makes your resume so much stronger.”

Ludolph said he loves the perspective of the world that flying offers him, and he treasures “the freedom of it, the beauty of it and the complexity of it.”

Through LU’s Aviation Program, he has flown all over Wisconsin, down to Chicago and Iowa and up into Minnesota. He even flew to Pennsylvania with Brandon Molina, Lakeland’s chief flight instructor, so Molina could pick up a new airplane and fly it back to Sheboygan.

“I’m really happy to see Lakeland’s program going in such a great direction,” Ludolph said. “I think this program has blossomed into something really great.”

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