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Lunch & Learn features Niederjohn

November 2, 2016 In Lakeland University Blog
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Lakeland’s Scott Niederjohn, one of the nation’s leading experts on financial literacy, presented at Tuesday’s free Lunch & Learn session for students.

Niederjohn, dean of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, has been featured by “Money” as a “Money Hero,” has been interviewed by state media and has authored articles in some of the state’s top daily newspapers.

On Tuesday, Niederjohn discussed sound financial strategy, advised students on how to be financially literate and smart, and debunked money myths.

Lakeland’s Lunch & Learn initiative is a series of informative presentations sponsored by Lakeland’s Student Success and Engagement Office. Previous Lunch & Learns this semester have focused on best-practice study skills, the power of social media and building a competitive resume.

The next Lunch & Learn will focus on studying abroad and features Lakeland’s Julie Rodemeier, associate dean of academic affairs.

Niederjohn engaged the students by breaking them into “teams” and challenging them with true-false statements they had to answer. One of those statements was, “most millionaires are college graduates.” That’s true, to the surprise of many of the students.

Niederjohn also discussed the proliferation – and risk – of the many check-cashing and payday lending storefronts that dot communities. He discussed why it’s smarter to buy a good used car than a new one, what being a millionaire really means and how nearly anybody can become one over time – if they invest consistently and don’t spend money they don’t have.

Following Niederjohn’s presentation, a handful of students approached him and asked questions about financial literacy and sound investment strategies.

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