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Game creators

January 19, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
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Lots of people play video games. But at Lakeland University, students in the computer science program actually create them.

Last semester, LU’s Tech Club sponsored its second Game Jam, a contest to discover who can make the best original video game. Brothers Dan and Nick Koerber won with their entrant, “BorderHack,” which featured a sword-fighting character who advanced through levels using special powers.

Second place went to Rainger Rossway, and freshman Alex Kerr took third.

The driving force behind Game Jam is Devin Equitz, vice president of Lakeland’s Tech Club, a group, as the name implies, comprised of technology enthusiasts. Students don’t have to be in the computer science program to join the club.

“We meet officially about once a month, but we hang out unofficially in the computer science lab a lot more often than that,” said Equitz, a junior from Plymouth, Wis. “We do everything we can with technology, from tinkering with the 3D printers to working with our four robots. We also work with people who are interested in creating games.”

To learn more about the LU Tech Club, or to join, contact Equitz at .