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Conversation Partners program brings students together

January 24, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
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Lakeland University freshman Karley Campbell discovered through a compatibility questionnaire that her soon-to-be Conversation Partner, German exchange student Yvonne Hess, loved to cook and bake.

“But when we met, I learned she’s a vegetarian, like me, so that gave us something else to talk about right away,” said Campbell, from Sheboygan, Wis.

Conversation Partners is a Lakeland program that pairs American students with international students so they can build friendships by hanging out and sharing their cultures with each other.

Currently, there are eight pairs of students in the program, with the international participants hailing from Japan, China, Germany and Honduras.

Campbell is participating in the program while overseeing it. As a student assistant to Julia Rodemeier, LU associate dean of academic affairs, Campbell promotes the program, speaks at Global Students Association meetings and creates and distributes compatibility questionnaires to participating students.

“The Conversation Partners program provides a great opportunity for American students to gain a deeper understanding of international culture without having to travel abroad, while also helping international students gain a deeper understanding of American culture,” said Rodemeier.

Students interested in participating in Conversation Partners should contact Campbell at .

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